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May 18, 2024

Hot Singles on the Internet: New Beard's "Doom"

By Rachel Schnalzer | May 7, 2012

May 3, 2012

This single of the week, "Doom," is brought to you by Brooklyn-based band New Beard. "Doom" is off their new album, New Beard City. New Beard is comprised of frontman Ben Wigler, drummer Tony Waldman, tubist TubaJoe Exley (no, I'm not kidding) and one-named Yazan, the guitarist.
New Beard has also recently added a new member (and instrument!) to the mix: Maria Christina Eisen, on saxophone. It seems as though New Beard is set on defying any definitive genre type.
With influences from bands ranging from Elliot Smith to Megadeath and genres from folk to progressive rock, it is clear that New Beard is anything but typical.
Their producer, Gustav Ejstes of Dungen, adds synthesizer to their music and puts the final, eclectic touch on the album.
Frontman Wigler also has considerable experience to add to the group from his days with his previous band, Arizona. New Beard's fame has been picking up in the past few months - in November, their song "Given" was named "Song of the Day" by KUT Austin. Listeners that like "Doom" would also enjoy "Given." Since then, their fan base has grown considerably.
Right from the start, "Doom" has a beat that keeps audiences on their toes with a quick-synth guitar and strings, rhythm and clapping.
Once Wigler begins, the track picks up even more, pausing only for one-second vocal solos.
He harmonizes well with the music, and the lyrics themselves are clever, such as when Wigler sings, "You won't stand still, so why should the world?" in the chorus.
This line is particularly appropriate, considering audiences are sure to have a hard time standing still when listening to "Doom" and the rest of New Beard City.   


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