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Annual award ceremony honors top student employees - News Brief

By Patrice Hutton | April 13, 2006

Winners of the Student Employment Week Awards were announced at a ceremony held at the Glass Pavilion last Thursday.

First through fourth place distinctions were named among student and university employees as part of the annual event.

The recognition of Student Employee of the Year was awarded to Hugh D. Scott of the Career Center, second place to Carolyn M. Dinsmore of Athletics and Recreation, third place to Stephen C. Barolak of Student Information Systems and fourth place to Emily Kumpel of the Center for Social Concern and Athletics and Recreation.

The Employer of the Year award was given to Agnes Flannery-Denner of MSEL Circulation, second place to Todd R. Bullock of Financial and Administration at SPSBE, third place to Cheryl Janowsky of the Career Center and fourth place to Anne Irwin of Athletics and Recreation.

Paula Burger, dean of student life, served as a guest speaker at the ceremony. "I began my own career in the work force as an employee of the dining hall at my alma mater," Burger said. "I had the job of making sure people only took one dessert ticket."

"It is in some ways a visible and invisible workforce. In almost every aspect of university life there are students at work," she added.

First place student of the year honoree Scott is a senior and has worked at the Career Center for four years.

"I feel very thankful for being honored with this award. I guess putting in the work shows," Scott said.

Scott said that he is scheduled to work ten hours per week at the Career Center but actually ends up putting in much more time.

"The Career Center is more or less my second home. You could probably catch me in there at any given time when I'm not in class. I always help people if I'm working or not working at the time," Scott said.

After graduation, Scott will spend two to three years working for Teach for America in North Carolina teaching high school chemistry and then return to school to obtain a Ph.D. or masters in public health studies.

Dean of Student Life Susan Boswell and Executive Assistant to the President Jerry Schnydman were also present at the event.

"I can't tell you what a difference students who do various jobs at Hopkins have made for me over the years," Boswell said. "I have been continually impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism that our students bring to the school."

Selection criteria for student employee of the year award is judged on reliability, initiative, performance, character and contribution to the employer. Judges for this award included Caoline Christensen and Katrice Houston of JHSPH Student Financial Services, Sean Hackett of the Ophthalmology Department, Ameet Jain of Student Employee of the 2005 and Linda Tyransky of the Wilmer Eye Institute.

Criteria for university employer of the year is evaluated on mentoring skills, learning objectives and professional development. The Employer of the Year award was judged by Katerina Horska, Elizabeth Martin and Otis Mushonga, all Hopkins graduates.

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