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Culturefest, security addressed at Student Council meeting

By Marina Koestler | April 11, 2002

An applicant for Culturefest was the main highlight of this week's Student Council (StuCo) meeting. Council members also discussed security concerns, upcoming events and the success of the faculty-student university-sponsored meal program.

President Anuj Mittal began the meeting with an update on his investigation into off-campus security at Hopkins. He expressed his concern about where Hopkins' Security stands in relation to other universities. None of the Hopkins Security officers carry weapons, nor are there adequate forces to patrol the area surrounding campus, where approximately 5,500 Hopkins-affiliated people live.

Treasurer Noel DeSantos reported the Student Activities Commission (SAC) Contingency has approximately $21,000 and the StuCo Contingency around $2,500.

The deadline for the Student Excellence Award for Leadership and Service (SEALS) is April 15 by 5 p.m.

Representatives of student groups are encouraged to speak to the Office of Admissions about participating in the Student Activities Expositions on April 10, 15 and 18. These Expos are intended to inform incoming freshmen about University activities.

Junior Vice President Sarah Cummings spoke enthusiastically about the faculty-student meal program. "Everyone, everyone, everyone, approach your teachers," she said. "Tell people, spread the word." This program allows professors to get reimbursed for taking students out to meals, and students are intended to be able to approach any professor and go out to a meal with him or her. Cummings strongly voiced her support for this and said that it would be great for people to participate in this to ensure future funding.

Class elections are coming up on Mon, April 22, with voting booths to be available in the library, AMR II, Wolman and near the bookstore in Gilman.

Senior President Stephen Goutman gave his weekly countdown to graduation, revealing that not only were there "44 days until graduation," but also proclaiming the analogous number of hours, minutes and seconds. Upcoming events for seniors are the Senior Tailgate and other Homecoming events, the Senior formal on April 20, and a trip in May to Atlantic City. There will be movies on the quad on April 18: Cocktail and Jurassic Park. On Friday at 2:30 p.m. in the Mattin Center SDS room, there will be a networking session to help students hone their meeting-and-greeting skills. As Goutman put it, "The fun is just beginning."

Junior President Ravi Kavasery said that the junior class was making "really really long banners" to unfurl during this weekend's lacrosse game against the University of Maryland. There will also be noisemakers given out by the class.

For sophomores, President Simone Chen announced there are two study breaks to await. One will be Wed, April 17, from 4-6 p.m., with food on the Upper Quad side of the library. The other is planned for Wed, May 8, when a cotton candy machine will be set up on the Beach.

Freshman Vice President Megan Coe said, "Battle of the Bands was a success." She also announced that freshman class t-shirts are being made.

Mittal congratulated the juniors on their organization of the second Baja event. He said it is not often that a sequel event ends up going so well.

A Pre-Orientation representative requested a $500 block grant to train its leaders in CPR, but the request was tabled for two weeks. Before it is discussed again, the Pre-Orientation people must speak to Dean of Students Susan Boswell and other potential sources of funding.

Culturefest finally announced and approved a nomination for its chair position next year. The sophomore nominee's proposed theme is derived from a Bob Marley quote: "One love, one light, let's get together and feel all right."

She said that, "Love is a universal's what bonds all cultures together," and that in light of Sept. 11, we should emphasize what brings cultures together instead of what separates them. She already has a plan of events for the Culturefest week, probably to be held in November, including a new fashion show and multiple food-related events.

Mittal swore in new Sophomore Vice President Lindsay Allen. She swore to "serve the Student Council with honor and dignity.

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