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Why I Joined The News-Letter, and Why You Should Too

August 31, 2017

Like hundreds of other freshmen, I began my first year by signing up for dozens of student groups. But what really changed the course of my life at Hopkins was the first time I walked into the Gatehouse — The News-Letter’s permanent office and home.

 Graffiti Alley, located in Station North, is a haven for local street artists.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Baltimore Arts Scene

August 31, 2017

Welcome you huddled masses. You have escaped the angst-ridden halls of high school and arrived at the teen-movie promised land: college. While it would be wonderful to assure you that all of your wildest dreams will be fulfilled, we can’t take on that liability. However, we at The News-Letter can do our best to introduce you to your new home: Baltimore, and share with you all of the reasons we’ve come to love it.

Baltimore’s Best Eats: A Food Lover’s Guide

August 31, 2017

Once you’ve exhausted the normal Charles Village haunts (i.e. Carma’s and Bird in Hand) you may want to venture out into Baltimore and explore all the delicious restaurants that the city has to offer. Avoid the tourist traps and instead try something from this list:

 Courtesy of Morgan Ome
Dooby’s serves Korean-style food with a twist.

How You Can Escape the Hopkins Bubble

August 31, 2017

Public transportation, especially in an unfamiliar city, can be daunting. But you’re in luck, because in this article I’m going to break down everything you need to know about public transportation around Hopkins and Baltimore (okay maybe not EVERYTHING, but you have Google for that, right?).

 Courtesy of Katie Tam
The Charm City Circulator provides free transport from Charles Village to other areas of Baltimore.

Jaywalk poses after their Spring Showcase.

Which Club Should I Join?

August 31, 2017

There are over 400 student groups at Hopkins, and you’ll have the opportunity to get to know each of them at the Student Involvement Fair on Sept. 8. Until then check out the eight groups highlighted here.