The guide to campus wildlife

October 12, 2017

The humble squirrel

The American grey squirrels, with their bushy tails and bright eyes, can be seen scampering all around campus. Emboldened by their close contact with humans, it is not at all surprising to see them running about close to the FFC or Brody, making use of dropped food and other pickings.



These creatures are also often spotted just outside of Brody. However, they are usually lying prone after having just collided with the glass.



Though a bit of a rare sight, the odds of seeing one increase dramatically when entering the basement level of one of the older buildings on campus.



A proudly displayed symbol of Baltimore, rats are an even rarer sight on campus, but wander around any trash heap long enough and you might just see a tail disappearing under a dumpster.



Despite the sparse amount of woodlands directly on campus, these furry things seem to be everywhere. Seen particularly in the spring hauling babies about, these little creatures typically leave waves of “awwwws” in their wake.

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