Still singing along with Jesse McCartney

By HAYLEY BRONNER | February 25, 2016


Jonny/CC-BY-2.0 McCartney’s first album, released in 2004, was called Beautiful Soul

There is only one thing to do on a boring Friday night when it’s much too cold even to walk near a door or window: Listen to throwback songs. There are thousands of songs that we all heard on Radio Disney when we were in the car with our parents, and we can still recite all of them word for word no matter how old we were when they were released. The classics include Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, Alanis Morissette, the Spice Girls, NSYNC and of course Jesse McCartney.

Jesse McCartney stole young girls’ hearts all around the world. He was only 12 when he first joined a young boy band called Dream Street. He stuck with the band for about three years until he left to launch the solo career that made him famous. His debut solo album called Beautiful Soul was released in September 2004, and every preteen fell in love.

The next year he went across the U.S. on a tour titled Beautiful Soul. He won the first of his many Teen Choice Awards (our favorite awards show EVER) and ended the year touring Europe with the Backstreet Boys.

Jesse’s music career took off fast and had a great run, especially with his second album Right Where You Want Me. This album was a lot more mature than his debut album, and his increased involvement with the songwriting produced numbers like “Just So You Know,” “Tell Her” and “Can’t Let You Go” — some of our favorites!

The way that many of us remember Jesse McCartney is not just from his music but also from Disney Channel. He made appearances on some of our favorite childhood shows including The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana. He was the apple of London’s and Maddie’s eyes and was of course Miley’s object of affection. He was brought onto these sitcoms to spice things up, and he definitely did. Those were some of our favorite episodes!

In addition to the Disney Channel shows he also contributed to many of their soundtracks. His voice was heard on a few of the Disneymania albums in addition to many soundtracks including That’s So Raven, A Cinderella Story and Hannah Montana.

Jesse McCartney’s latest album was released in 2014 (anybody listen to it?) and was received fairly well, debuting at number 35 on the Billboard 200. Jesse now acts, had a recurring role on the ABC Family show Young and Hungry and still voices Theodore from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

Some lesser-known facts about Jesse include his women’s fragrance, which was released in June 2011, and hisdoes philanthropy with Little Kids Rock. His fragrance was titled Wanted By Jesse and was on about every teen’s Christmas List. The girls who loved him when they were younger were now old enough to have their own perfume, making it a successful venture.

Back in 2005, Jesse became a supporter of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that caters to underserved public schools around the country and provides the students with free musical instruments and instruction.

Many of our childhoods were filled with long car rides in the backseats with our siblings, singing every song on Radio Disney (the best station ever). We still know every single word to “Beautiful Soul” and unlike those formulas that we have to remember for calculus, it will never leave our minds. A relaxing Friday night includes endless throwback songs, but Jesse McCartney will always be the first on the list and the first in our preteen hearts.

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