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April 16, 2024


Hopkins is a diverse university where an incredible mix of cultures, academic interests and personalities coexist and thrive. Here is the section where you can publish your unique thoughts, ideas and perspectives on life at Hopkins and beyond.

Sama's Isa Arfen will make minimalism a major hit in S/S 2014

Imagine waking up in a warm, sunlit room on a Sunday morning in June.  The crystalline light and invigorating summer warmth radiate through the windows, enveloping you.  Barefoot, you drape yourself in a white linen button-down top and a dewy pastel-yellow pocketed bell skirt, as you draw in the fresh morning air.  You feel easy, light, and free.

Stressed? Just say "hakuna matata"

Whether you’ve just started college, you’re stuck in the middle, or you’re on your way out, you’ve got a lot to think about. How are you going to survive at THE Johns Hopkins University? How are you going to compete against all your over-qualified classmates? How are you going to get a job or get into grad school? How are you going to stand out in a sea of sharks?

Awesome (and unlikely) acts for Spring Fair

With the Ke$ha concert behind us, the next school sponsored concert will probably not be until Spring Fair. While Ke$ha was strangely an improvement over last year’s choices of Neon Trees (who cancelled, which I guess was good) and Grouplove, there is still much room to improve. Let’s be honest: Neon Trees are just a generic and really unimaginative take on the Killers and Grouplove is a forgettable and unoriginal “indie” band (even putting it in quotation marks doesn’t do it justice). Grouplove is pretty much Foster the People, except its hit song “Tongue Tied” isn’t as well known as “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Paris Fashion Week 2013 prevails with attention-grabbing picks

While we can all agree that our insatiable hunger for the beautiful garments being cooked up by Balenciaga, Rochas, and Dries van Noten across the Atlantic is the primary cause of our sleepless nights preceding Paris Fashion Week each year, we cannot deny that we are almost equally as ravenous for the divine duds draping the women along the streets of Paris during this immaculate week.

Saying no to sacrificing sleep

We all know that you can function on 4 or 5 hours of sleep, but are you really functioning? You’re able to go to class, but you probably can’t focus on the material for a long time. Even after “functioning” on 5 hours of sleep, you probably crash at the end of the day. Your body can only crash and recover so many times, so it’s best to avoid it if you can.

Breaking Bad fans mourn the end of their beloved show after 5 successful seasons

This past Sunday night was one of the most significant evenings in cable television history. The masterpiece of a television show that is Breaking Bad came to a close with a resounding machine-gun like bang. The often surprising and always brilliant series that felt more like a movie due to its eloquently crafted dialogue, enthralling action scenes and gripping story lines is over; and so ends a run that will surely be viewed as one of the most prolific in all of television.

Mastering the 24/6 schedule

While it may be common knowledge that everyone needs a break, people often forget to take them. At times you may need to force yourself to a break by scheduling one. After doing so, see to it that you preserve that time and uphold the commitment. Do something fun and relaxing during your break — or don’t do anything at all and take a nap. Eventually, aim for scheduling a “day of rest.”

Collegiate course loads meet couture to bring backpacks back

I officially welcome all of you academically motivated — yet fashion-conscious — Blue Jays to a trend that will surely provide you with that much-needed balance between pragmatism and style that you’ve been searching for since the dawn of the dreadful oversized clutch and top-handle bag crazes this season.

Fresh releases this fall from Chvrches, Danny Brown, JT and more

With school in full swing, and summer now officially over, we’ve had albums like Washed Out’s Paracosm, the ever controversial Yeezus, Settle by Disclosure, Random Access Memories by Daft Punk, and Speedy Ortiz’s angsty, yet lyrical Major Arcana to enjoy for the time being. However, with the fall comes more music to look forward to. Be sure to keep these albums on your radars:

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