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December 2, 2021


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Death Grips: "NO LOVE DEEP WEB" Leaked

When I last wrote about the experimental rap/punk/rave group Death Grips for The News-Letter, they had just released their critically acclaimed debut album The Money Store. So after mentioning them before, why would I be doing another “check these guys out”/review article of their music? Well, just last week, Death Grips leaked their second album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB: a major label LP.

A selection of the best bars Sydney has to offer

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column outlining a 5-day visit to Sydney, Australia, but I left out a key part of the experience: the bars! Like it or not, drinking is a pretty big part of Australian culture. So here’s a list of some of my favorite bars in Sydney.

Want to graduate? You have to live in an igloo

By sharing this story, I am more than likely fueling the stereotypes that Canadians live in an igloo-filled, barren, snowy wasteland. Just to clarify, my high school was considered strange even in Canada, and this type of trip was by no means normal.

Ambassador Brunch is always a good idea

It’s Sunday, and late morning sunlight is pouring into your room mocking you for how late you’ve slept and the mountains of work that await you in the library. You stay in your bed unwilling to detach your head from your pillow in protest against the upcoming week. The thought of even seeing a campus building right now pains you. As you lie there, you cringe at the thought of eating yet another boring and unsatisfying bowl of cereal for breakfast. Maybe you consider a trip to Tambers, but you seriously fear the possibility of running into someone there with whom you’ll be forced to make conversation. So you decide this is a day to treat yourself to Sunday brunch at the Ambassador Dining Room.

Social media keeps you connected with the fam

Whether it’s ooVoo, Skype, Facebook, or FaceTime, nearly everyone has had a taste of online video chat. It’s nice seeing people that are far away on a screen and getting a little bit more than you would by phone. It just so happens that this past week was a busy one for FaceTime.

Why I'd rather look sixty-five than twenty-one

I have the unfortunate luck of having a baby face. At the age of 20, I am still constantly mistaken for being 15 or 16. At one point last year while in Colombia with my family, I was even mistaken for being 12. When we asked to make reservations at a restaurant they informed us that one had to be 13 or older to dine there. My parents and I were speechless, unsure what to say. Finally after a few awkward seconds, my mother stuttered out, “How old do you think she is? She’s 19.” Needless to say, it was awkward.

On the Brink of the Brank: The Do's and Dont's of sporting a man's tank

The Brank, or more formally known as the bro tank, is a phenomenon most present, for better or worse, among young males in today’s society. The brank is a constant staple in the wardrobe of somewhat toolish, somewhat arrogant, but often simultaneously humorous and even laudable males in their teens and twenties.

Your vote matters - it's time to use it

As the Nov. 6 presidential election creeps ever closer, it’s time for every college student to register to vote. Most campuses, including ours, have volunteer groups that make the process very easy. So why do so many of our peers still choose not to vote?

Music advice for the upcoming season: Fall albums to look forward to

This summer has been great for music with releases like Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, the Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan, Jessie Ware’s Devotion, Passion Pit’s Gossamer, and Purity Rings’ Shrines. But now, with summer at an end, the fall is here with even more releases. Just these past two weeks, The xx and Animal Collective have released their new albums Coexist and Centipede Hz, respectively. What else does the fall have in store?

No more mundane food, liven it up at Homewood!

With only three weeks of the school year under our belts, it’s surprising that it’s already possible to be sick of Levering salads, Sabra hummus snacks and Subway sandwiches. For some reason we don’t seem to get sick of late night Uni Mini mozzarella sticks and “specials with egg” in the same way. Whenever we waltz into Uni Mini past midnight, we are filled with excitement and enthusiasm of a new adventure into our own version of heaven. One that is chock full of hash browns, powdered donuts, chicken fingers and barbecue sauce. That being said, since most of us don’t frequent Uni Mini on a daily basis — and usually not in daylight — we have to look for ways to prevent the Levering salads from making us crazy.

Look both ways before you cross the street, seriously

Those yellow (and white) shoes on the corner of St. Paul and 33rd are among the coolest things I’ve seen in the area. The crossing guard, however, is not. The crossing guard at that intersection allows pedestrians to cross the street against the light. The officer will stop the flow of traffic in order to accommodate students.

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