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May 6, 2021


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A “How to do Thanksgiving better” guide

Thanksgiving has just finished blossoming all around us like an artichoke bursting forth from its stem-thing. I figured it only right to write a Turkey Day-themed Hip Hop post. Now that the holiday has officially passed, this seems like a perfect time for some deep reflection on it.

Dark Knight, arguably the best movie ever

This week, I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb. As a Film and Media Studies and Writing Seminars double major, I’m supposed to say that The Godfather, Citizen Kane, or Raging Bull (or some film of that critical caliber) is the greatest film of all time. However, I’ve watched those films and almost every other film that can hold claim to that title. While I feel that all of those movies have the right to make their arguments for that title, another, somewhat less heralded film deserves to be mentioned in the pantheon of American cinema — The Dark Knight. 

Seven holiday staples that I’m excited for

Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving break have come and gone, leaving in their wake a mountain-load of homework, straggling midterms for an unlucky majority, and the impending misery of finals. Joy upon all joys. Luckily, however — or perhaps necessarily in terms of everyone keeping a hold on sanity — the end of Thanksgiving also means the official beginning of the Christmas season!

Definitely check them out: Tame Impala

The Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala aren’t newcomers to the game. Their debut LP, Innerspeaker, which was released in 2010, garnered general and critical acclaim. While it did have a very nostalgic feel with the 60’s psychedelic rock influences, it still had a new and unique sound with the addition of a modern-day perspective. It put the spotlight on a young talented songwriter by the name of Kevin Parker. While live, Tame Impala perform as a band, in the studio, Parker records and plays every instrument.

Being unobservant goes to a whole new level

Everyone at one point or another has completely missed something that was right in front of their face. I’m talking about things like looking past a friend when walking around. This happens fairly frequently to me since I have a severe daydreaming tendency, but it had never been to the point where I didn’t notice things on people’s faces until the other day.

Dominion Ice Cream: The one stop wonder

At Dominion Ice Cream, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and eat your veggies too. Located on the corner of 33rd and North Charles Street, Dominion prides itself on making great ice cream. Its website ( brags that it is “healthier without compromising good taste.”

The GRE: Is it really that useful?

In 2011, over 800,000 people worldwide took the Graduate Records Examination, better known as the GRE, as part of an effort to gain admission to graduate education programs. This year, I will be among those taking the test.

Classy or not: How did you dress up?

Halloween 2012 has come and gone. Along with it, parades of girls sporting some sort of animal ears, or dressed as this or that uniformed official could be seen meandering the streets of Hopkins and Fell’s Point. Of course, you also had your classic celebs, political figures or iconic movie characters making an appearance (or several). The high incidences of multiple identical costumes that can generally be found during the Halloween season are a testament to the fact that thinking up and carrying out a distinct and brilliant original costume, while admirable and desirable, very often proves pointless and near impossible. However, just because you can’t be unique in your costume choice doesn’t mean that whatever you put together can’t be hilarious or well done. After all, the abundance of Mitt Romneys did not detract from those particularly spot-on Romney renditions that made sure to have their life-sized cardboard binder full of woman (singular — it turns out binders can’t actually hold that many women, Mitt). It’s not so much how you dress up, but rather how you arrive. Costumes need not be unprecedented or unparalleled in uniqueness, but whatever else they are, they should be executed well.

A love letter to Baltimore and cities, but mostly Bmore

There is a lot going on this month. I could write about my Halloween, but I have nothing to say about the holiday that I did not already address last month. I could write about Hurricane Sandy, but I do not have the authority, and I would rather make people happy, and not sad. I could write about National Novel Writing Month (, but then it would sound like me preaching about the importance of writing everyday. I could write about the election, but we already get enough of that everywhere we turn. I could talk about all of these things right now by saying that I won’t talk about them.

Moonrise Kingdom: A unique movie viewing

This week I’m reviewing a recent film that received rave reviews: “Moonrise Kingdom,” directed by Wes Anderson, cowritten by Anderson and Roman Coppola. If you haven’t watched the film yet, be aware of minor spoilers ahead.

The comedic relief that Twitter can provide

You know what’s funny and on the internet? You know what else is? Twitter! For a long time, I avoided the Twitter rage that has swept up college students and weird adults. I didn’t like the idea of posting about my every thought and action. I’m not that exciting! I do a lot of boring things like cut my fingernails and eat cheesy popcorn. No one wants to read about that. But recently, I discovered a new, brilliant use for Twitter that finally got me on board and got me to register for my very own account. So what is this trend? I WILL TELL YOU:

Four hours of Bollywood film you must see

Last week I wrote a piece on what is a classic in American cinema (and cinema as a whole). This week I want to focus on global cinema, in particular a movie from the largest producer (by number of films) of motion pictures in the world: Bollywood.

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