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May 30, 2024


Hopkins is a diverse university where an incredible mix of cultures, academic interests and personalities coexist and thrive. Here is the section where you can publish your unique thoughts, ideas and perspectives on life at Hopkins and beyond.

Taylor Swift stuns Spotify users

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift can sell an album, with 1.287 million copies of her latest album 1989 sold in the first week of its release — in other words, two albums were sold every second of that week-long period. 1989 was also the first album to go platinum for 2014. (The only other album to sell one million units this year was the Frozen soundtrack, but that was released in 2013.) Besides that, Swift’s whole discography has gone platinum, with her last three releases, 2010’s Speak Now, 2012’s Red and 2014’s 1989, selling a million copies in their first respective weeks.

The importance of peaceful solitude

When I was younger, and teachers or summer camp instructors or various adults-trying-to-relate would ask me what my favorite animal was, I would say “the human being.” They would say that wasn’t what they’d meant.

From your closet to your Instagram

Due to the technology advancements of the 21st century, fashion blogging and trend watching are as accessible to us as ever. Instagram, if you don’t already know, is an application that allows us to post filtered pictures that give insight to our experiences and lives. There are many different types of “Insta-bloggers.” Recently, however, the new trend is to document all glamorous adventures through pictures of daily outfits, café meals and beauty bags.

Fifty shades of grey areas

The newest trailer for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey was released last week, and the Internet is all atwitter about it. The movie, scheduled to open on Valentine’s Day 2015, is based on the book of the same name by E. L. James., and boy oh boy, there is a lot to say about the story.

An interview with President Ron Daniels

In many ways, University President Ronald J. Daniels brings back monarchy to campus. We like to post statuses about seeing him dancing the twist or talking to the ghost of Johnny Hopkins — alright, alright, these rumors may be slightly exaggerated. We send Snapchats when he disregards his royal bloodline to dine with students, and we often assign to him the burden of responsibility for all University decisions.

A summary of my first semester at Hopkins

The conclusion of my first semester here at Hopkins is approaching, and I’m feeling a little nostalgic for my initial arrival. I showed up at Hopkins with bright eyes and excitement for the classes that I’d chosen, for my future, for my major in Writing Seminars and my minor in mathematics.

The case of the un-chargeable phone

All of the exciting features and applications found on phones have turned our mobile devices into another limb we all unconsciously use and look at when we’re bored. So, when my cell phone stopped charging, it messed up my routine.

Introducing: The Paine-ful Truth

It’s been a turbulent few weeks at Hopkins. Parties being shut down, sexual assaults and even the death of a student. These problems present challenging questions. I’m here to offer my (hopefully solicited) opinions on these issues, and whatever else the readers of The News-Letter choose to ask me about.

Run the Jewels hits the stage in D.C.

This past Saturday night, Run the Jewels, the inspired collaborative duo of hip hop oldheads Killer Mike and El-P, kicked off the nationwide tour for their sophomore effort. Following opening acts by Queens rapper Despot and hip hop group Rat King, the veteran emcee’s took the stage at Washington, D.C’s 9:30 Club and — literally — made the building shake.

Words of wisdom: keep calm and platitude on

I remember when I was in high school, and “Keep Calm and Carry On” became a thing. Like, a plastered-on-your-wall, written-on-your-sweaters, embroidered-on-your-pincushions level THING. One moment my peers were stressed and angsty, and the next they were placated, professing that everything will be okay. Keep calm and carry on, Lily. I really didn’t get it.

New event procedures are counterproductive and convoluted

While I usually use this column to ramble about something related to music, I decided this time to talk about the new policies the administration has put in place concerning events that students groups organize. With the controversial moratorium on Greek life-related events taking the spotlight, these new, relatively unnoticed policies affect all student groups, not just fraternities and sororities.

Halloween and hipsters at Hopkins

The stuff at the bottom of the cup tasted like vinegar; I had to choke it down. Day two of Halloweekend, 11:30 p.m., I’m close to done. While my eyes were closed, another ping pong ball bounced past

The do’s and don’ts of college roommates

Unless you’re one of the few with a single in the AMRs, all of us freshmen are stuck with a roommate, or at least a suitemate or two. And while some of us might have been lucky (like myself, for example; my roommate is lovely), many freshmen have to deal with horribly impolite roommates. Or maybe you are the awful roommate? Then this is the article for you, a comprehensive list based on real-life experiences of several frustrated freshmen, who will remain anonymous for their own safety.

My reading list for budding feminists

As any good feminist knows, you don’t become a feminist by chance. Often, women read an empowering book and discover feminism, or they hear someone speak about womanhood and find it inspiring. And once someone claims the name “feminist,” there’s still a lot to learn and read and use to help you grow as a woman.

An ode to Oscar de la Renta and his legacy

On Oct. 20, 2014, Oscar de la Renta died at the age of 82 in his home in Kent, Conn. After struggling with cancer for eight years, De La Renta passed away leaving behind a massive legacy of prêt-a-porter fashion. Born and raised in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, he always desired to work in the fashion field throughout his youth. After training with Cristobal Balenciaga in Spain, De La Renta moved to work with Antonio del Castillo at Lanvin.

Brunch at Belvedere Square Market

Although Charles Village has a few quality brunch spots (we’re looking at you, Donna’s), we’ve recently been finding ourselves wanting more. This weekend, our stomachs lead us to Belvedere Market for a much-needed, post-Halloween recovery feast. Belvedere Market, also known as Belvedere Square’s Market, is about a ten-minute drive in the direction of Loyola, so start begging your car-bearing friends to chauffeur you over there.

The life of the party: 21 going on 62

In high school, which feels like way too long ago, senior year is heavily influenced by the beautifully dangerous senioritis. From what little I can remember, I barely did anything outside of the college application process. But at Hopkins, I can’t afford to let that happen again. Amidst the milestones of having purchased something from the Levering Café for the thousandth time, eaten my 100th beef patty from Brody and lost my balance on the breezeway, I also turned 21.

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