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Marvel’s Squirrel girl is the best hero

February 21, 2018

There’s a Marvel superhero you may have heard of if you’re into really obscure comics (like me). She’s sort of the Aquaman of the Marvel world, in that she’s often tragically underestimated to the point of mockery. Her wonderfully rhythmic name is Doreen Green. However, you might know her as Squirrel Girl. 

The five weirdest things about American culture

February 25, 2018

Now that I am solidly into my second semester here, I’ve naturally been reflecting on my time in America thus far and have decided that now would be a good time to share some of the things that, six months into living here, I find (for lack of a better word) weird. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.32.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.49.40 PM.png

The myth of meritocracy: America isn't as equal as we think

February 25, 2018

Despite living in “Seattle” all my life, in truth, there has always been a body of water separating me from authenticity. My hometown of Mercer Island, a suburb a few miles east of the Emerald City, is notorious for its culture of affluence — my preferred euphemism for snobbery.

President’s day used to occur on Washington’s birthday, but no longer does. 

Facts you might not know about public holidays

February 21, 2018

Another full week is almost over. But there’s something a bit strange about that statement. By now, many of us have likely forgotten this, but there was a national holiday just a few days ago. President’s Day went by with nearly no acknowledgement by anyone on campus, let alone a day off from classes

Going from a sexual assault victim to a survivor

February 15, 2018

There was this girl once who had been sexually assaulted by someone she knew. This girl hid from it for a very long time. She pushed it down, down, down so that it did not exist and the memory was just a dream. She forgot though, that reality has a way of making itself apparent to her. 


February 14, 2018

Clarissa was a passionate collector of the small toys that were dispensed in capsules from the gumball machines in front of grocery stores. Her first full collection, comprised of mini Sailor Moon bobbleheads, had been paid for by the quarters her dad collected from his addiction to vending machine snacks. 

Why I might not text you back right away

February 14, 2018

This article had the potential to be the most stereotypically millennial thing I’ve ever written, aside from a caption I came close to posting on my finsta at 2 a.m. last week, in which I called the latest Snapchat update a sensory overload and a grossly inefficient redesign. (Seriously, kids, don’t download it.)