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Proposed executive order to protect campus speech

March 14, 2019

President Donald Trump announced his plans to create an executive order which would protect freedom of speech on college campuses at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, March 2. The proposed executive order would remove federal ...

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How BIT has evolved to meet student needs

March 16, 2019

At Hopkins, every undergraduate student has the experience of sitting through five hours of Bystander Intervention Training (BIT) sessions during their freshman year. For the last four years, the University has mandated that students attend this training in order to better equip them to prevent forms of gender violence including sexual assault. 

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Univ. releases statistics on campus sexual violence

March 14, 2019

University officials released the results of the 2018 Campus Climate and Sexual Violence Survey on Friday. Provost Sunil Kumar and Vice Provost for Institutional Equity Kimberly Hewitt reported the survey’s principal findings in a schoolwide email about the University’s response to sexual misconduct. 

Panel weighs alternatives to policing in Baltimore

March 14, 2019

Students Against Private Police (SAPP) and the Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts (BHPLA) co-sponsored a panel on alternatives to policing on March 7. The event took place a few hours after the Baltimore City Senate Delegation to the Maryland Assembly approved a bill that would grant Hopkins a private police force. BHPLA is an initiative to promote communication and create links between the Homewood Campus and historic black communities in Baltimore. 

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Rankine stressed the role white people play in speaking out against racism.

Writer Claudia Rankine talks microaggressions

March 14, 2019

Poet, playwright and essayist Claudia Rankine visited the University of Baltimore School of Law to read from and discuss her work, including Citizen: An American Lyric, a finalist for the 2014 National Book Awards. Marc Steiner of the podcast The Marc Steiner Show moderated the conversation.

Women discuss stories of sexism in the workplace

March 7, 2019

The Carey School of Business’ Women in Business club, alongside the Stoop Storytelling Series, a Baltimore-based podcast, hosted “No Limits: Stories about female leadership, creativity, and resilience” on Wednesday. Lauren Wexler, co-founder and co-producer of the Stoop, led the event.

Panelists talk mental health resources for minorities

March 7, 2019

Four student organizations — Hopkins Organization for Pre-Health Education (HOPE), Female Leaders of Color (FLOC), Organización Latina Estudiantil (OLÉ) and Hopkins Feminists (HopFems) — co-hosted a panel discussion on minority mental health on Friday. 

Students gathered to discuss the importance of prioritizing mental health for minority students.

Bruce Western studies incarceration rates and re-entry into society.

How do ex-convicts adjust to life after prison?

March 7, 2019

Bruce Western, a professor of sociology and social justice at Columbia University, led a workshop on Inequality and Social Policy on Feb. 28. Western is known for his work on incarceration in the U.S. Hopkins Professor of Political Science Vesla Weaver and Assistant Research Scientist Stuart Schrader helped facilitate the discussion.

Author explores history of black gov. workers

March 7, 2019

Frederick W. Gooding, assistant professor of African American studies at Texas Christian University, spoke about his book, “American Dream Deferred: Black Federal Workers in Washington, D.C., 1941-1981” at Red Emma’s on March 2. The book chronicles the history of federal workers from 1940-1980 in reference to the modern black freedom movement.

Ju Hui Judy Han described the fight for LGBTQ rights in Korea at Wednesday’s lecture.

Professor analyzes the use of candlelight protests in Korea

March 7, 2019

Ju Hui Judy Han, an assistant professor of gender studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, gave a lecture about the intersection of candlelight protests in South Korea and queer activism on Wed. March 6. Han’s lecture, titled “Now, Later, Never: Candlelight Protests and Queer Futurity,” was the first event in a series hosted by the program in Racism and Immigration Citizenship (RIC). 

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Panelists addressed the intersection of feminism and socialism today.

Student activists talk socialist feminism

March 7, 2019

In light of the upcoming International Women’s Day, Haley Swenson, a member of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), as well as Heba Islam of #JHToo, hosted “Feminism for the 99%” to discuss the future of socialist feminism and political organization on campus. Organized by the Baltimore chapter of the ISO, the event covered a range of topics — police brutality, sexual assault, job security and Hopkins contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — through a feminist lens. 

Career Center to appoint school-specific directors

March 7, 2019

The Career Center recently announced plans to appoint additional directors to provide specialized career advice for students. There will be two new directors of career services, one for the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and one for the Whiting School of Engineering, and each will oversee between six to eight assistant directors. These assistant directors will provide career services and opportunities to students within a specific set of departments. 

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Daniels announced plans to construct a student center at the Shriver reopening ceremony.

University unveils plans to build a student center

March 7, 2019

University President Ronald J. Daniels announced on Tuesday evening that the school will be building a student center where the Mattin Center is currently located. At the end of the Shriver Hall reopening ceremony Daniels invited attendees to a celebration at the Beach that included food trucks, live music and seesaws. At the celebration, Daniels announced the student center project. 

Exhibit examines life of George Washington

March 7, 2019

The Homewood Museum is displaying The Many Faces of George Washington, a special exhibit that aims to explore the story behind George Washington’s legacy and persona. The exhibit is on loan from the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History with other items from regional museums and the University’s Special Collections.

Members of Wong Fu productions spoke about how Asian representation in film has improved.

Wong Fu Productions opens Asian/Pacific Heritage Month

March 7, 2019

March 1 marked the beginning of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration (APHC) at Hopkins — a month dedicated to recognizing and reflecting on Asian-American and Pacific Islander narratives throughout United States history.