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October 16, 2021

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Social media fosters alternative journalism

Citizens are becoming journalists. Social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have played a role in modernizing and bringing immediacy to already immediate news channels by allowing people to post in real time  as things happen from anywhere as long as someone has a smartphone handy.

Ward, former Hopkins student and current professor, talks film

Meredith Ward can be recognized around campus by her flawless style and enthusiasm for film. Ward, a lecturer in the Film & Media Studies Department, did not simply give a one-movie answer when asked what her favorite movie was. She explained that she changes the movie depending on the audience she is speaking to, altering it so she can have the most enjoyable conversation. Following that comment, she listed not just one film, but five that she loved, unable to narrow down the list.

STEP Club aims to enhance student-alumni interaction

Founded in September, the Students Transforming Engagement and Philanthropy Club (STEP) seeks to aid students with recognizing and establishing integral relationships with the Hopkins alumni community through community service, career fairs, professional workshops and nights on the town. The organization was founded by sophomore Asia Coladner, seniors Mami Aronson and Louisa Drake and Development and Alumni Relations staff.

School of Public Health report criticizes gun laws

Last Thursday, Oct. 25, the Bloomberg School of Public Health released a report commenting critically on issues of gun control in the United States. The report, titled “The Case for Gun Policy Reforms in America,” was principally authored by Daniel Webster, who is the Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research.

Students teach sustainability to local school

The Barclay Environmental Justice Program teaches middle schoolers at Barclay Elementary/Middle School how to be environmentally responsible. A group of approximately seven Hopkins students visits the school twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The group instructs the kids on an array of topics, ranging from endangered species to recycling.

Undecided voters say Hopkins is apolitical

With the 2012 Presidential election less than a week away, many Hopkins students have already sent in their absentee ballots. Amidst a bombardment of political messaging from President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in what has been one of the most divisive elections in American history, it is easy to forget that there are voters who have not yet been persuaded by either campaigns — “the undecideds.”

Greek Week entertains, raises money

Though in the past, the Hopkins Greek community has hosted a three-day long Greek Weekend, this year, seven days of events raised money for a variety of charities. Hopkins’ Greek Week began on Oct. 20 and will officially end with the Powderpuff game on Sunday, Nov. 4.

Halloween in Fells Point: An annual celebration of costumes and chaos

Traditionally characterized by cobbled streets and historic, brick townhouses, quaint Fells Point assumes a more sinister and festive role on Halloween night. Home to the largest concentration of bars in Baltimore, Fells Point attracts a varied crowd — included many Hopkins students — that seeks to celebrate at what has become the largest Halloween gathering in the city.

Storm causes leakages in dorms, apartments

While Hopkins remained relatively unscathed from post-tropical cyclone Sandy, several residence halls, Charles Commons in particular, suffered from leaking problems as a result of the storm. Hopkins’s employees were able to deal with the minor damages relatively quickly, however.

MSE speaker postponed due to weather

The Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium has postponed its event featuring author and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin due to Hurricane Sandy, which hit the region prior to Toobin’s scheduled appearance on Tuesday night.

Breastival fundraises as part of Greek Week

On Saturday, Oct. 20, Greek Week began with alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority’s eleventh annual Breastival event on the Beach. The event’s purpose was to raise awareness about breast cancer through various information tables set up on the Beach.

Team wins sustainability award

A team of Hopkins students were awarded 2nd place at the Odebrecht Awards for Sustainable Development this past Monday. The team, consisting of  Jay Choi, Victor Oh and Sang Cho, travelled to Houston along with their faculty advisor, Professor Erica Schoenberger, to receive their award and a $15,000 prize.

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