The men’s tennis team won against RPI and Muhlenberg Saturday.

M. and W. Tennis go 3-0 in the weekend’s games

April 10, 2019

This weekend both men’s (No. 25) and women’s (No. 23) tennis competed against Centennial Conference opponent Muhlenberg College. The men additionally faced a non-Conference opponent Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Both teams emerged from the weekend victorious with impressive scores.

W. Lacrosse loses to two ranked opponents

April 12, 2019

The Hopkins women’s lacrosse team continued Big Ten Conference play this weekend against the fourth-ranked Northwestern University Wildcats. The game was exciting from the start, but in the second half, Northwestern started to pull away and secure their lead. 

The road to the Stanley Cup will be full of excitement and drama

April 11, 2019

With March Madness wrapping up this week, it’s time for a whole new group of seasonal fans to come off of the hardwood and onto the frozen pond as the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs begin a new iteration this week. Sixteen teams will begin their quest for the greatest prize in hockey, and with new faces and old faces ready to collide, the stage is set for a fun month of springtime hockey.

Michael Miller/CC BY-SA 4.0
Sidney Crosby is looking to help Pittsburgh win its third title in four years.


Mollick set a PR in the 100-meter.

Athlete of the Week: Alex Mollick

April 10, 2019

This past weekend, the men’s track and field team stayed close to Baltimore to compete against Division I competition at the Towson Invitational. Not only did Hopkins perform well against stout competition, they won the entire meet, besting the second place University of Maryland, Baltimore County Golden Retrievers by 12 points.

M. Lacrosse emerges victorious over Scarlet Knights 15-13

April 11, 2019

The Hopkins Blue Jays knocked off the No. 18 Rutgers University Scarlet Knights by a score of 15-13 on Saturday afternoon. A large homecoming crowd was treated to a gorgeous day on Homewood Field and a roaring start by the Jays as Hopkins went on a six-goal run using six different goal-scorers to open up the festivities. 

Freshman attack Joey Epstein had a massive game, recording five goals and three assists.

Senior pitcher Josh Hejka records his 100th career strikeout on Tuesday.

Baseball team splits four games over four days

April 11, 2019

Back-to-back losses may seem discouraging to most teams, but for the 16th-ranked Hopkins baseball team, the doubleheader sweep Saturday only served as motivation to get back on track. The Blue Jays bounced back from their two losses against the Ursinus College Bears to shut out the Gettysburg College Bullets 15-0 the following day. 

DC Comics’ new film Shazam! fails to make magic on screen

April 11, 2019

I went into Shazam! with pretty high hopes. It had been very well reviewed, and I’d heard some really good things. Zachary Levi is a great actor who looked perfect for the role of the main character, kid-turned-adult-superhero Billy Batson, and the trailers were exciting and hilarious. Things all looked positive, and I was genuinely eager to see it opening night. So, with all that being said, I want to be very clear — Shazam! was not a good movie. I enjoyed it, and I’m glad I saw it, but it was not a quality film.

Zachary Levi plays Billy Batson, the kid-turned-adult-superhero in Shazam!

Nipsey Hussle was shot outside his own clothing store on March 31.

Remembering the legacy of rapper and artist Nipsey Hussle

April 11, 2019

Nipsey Hussle was murdered a week ago. He was standing outside his clothing store, The Marathon Clothing, on Slauson Avenue, the street he grew up on in Los Angeles. He got into a confrontation with a man trying to enter the store. The man left, got a gun, came back and shot Nipsey.

The Twilight Zone reboot falls flat of original series

April 10, 2019

A large part of The Twilight Zone’s cult appeal stems from its inherently strange qualities, not only in its plot, but also in its status as an emblem of a different time and a different intellectual atmosphere in American history. The show itself, with its stilted acting, filtered sound and dramatic score, often does feel like it came from another dimension, an aspect that only increases its lurid appeal. 

Jordan Peele directs and stars as the narrator in new The Twilight Zone.

Visiting Ilya Kaminsky reads original poetry

April 11, 2019

Humanities students at Hopkins are used to not getting the same opportunities as their STEM counterparts. Friendly fire proved just as fatal, however, when faculty members in the Writing Seminars started closing the door on students attempting to enter the overstuffed Tudor and Stuart Room in Gilman Hall on Tuesday, April 2. The Writing Sems department selected Gilman 388 (as opposed to the usual Mudd 26) for its intimacy, but it’s truly a shame that more students weren’t able to attend the reading of Margolies Visiting Writer Ilya Kaminsky.

Berlin comes to Baltimore in Barnstormers' Cabaret

April 11, 2019

The Barnstormers finished their opening weekend of their 100th anniversary spring musical, Cabaret, in Swirnow Theater. Directed by Max Hunter, the artistic director of The Bridge Production Group, and produced by senior Julia Zimmerman, the show centers around a Berlin cabaret called the Kit Kat Klub and the lives of those involved in it. 

The Barnstormers put on a production of Cabaret for their 100th Anniversary Spring Musical.

The PepsiCo contract ensures that 80 percent of beverages at Hopkins are made by Pepsi.

Students call for end to Hopkins-PepsiCo contract

April 14, 2019

Real Food Hopkins, a student organization promoting food justice and sustainability, launched the Pour Out Pepsi campaign on March 11. According to Real Food Co-Presidents Katie Smith and Grace Windheim, PepsiCo has a history of violating human rights, labor laws and sustainability regulations. The group aims to convince Hopkins Dining to end the exclusivity contract with PepsiCo. This contract requires that 80 percent of all beverages sold on campus — not just soft drinks — are manufactured by PepsiCo. 

Exhibit showcases failings of post-WWII Germany

April 11, 2019

The Rosenburg Exhibition made its second stop on its U.S. tour at Hopkins on Thursday, March 28. The exhibit highlighted historians’ findings on Germany’s post-World War II Ministry of Justice. Named “Rosenburg” after the Ministry’s first official residence, the display showcased the many former Nazi party members that served as judges, jurists and lawyers for the Nuremberg trials. The exhibit will be on display until May 1.

The Rosenburg Exhibit analyzes the Nuremberg Trials and Nazi legacy.


Betz threw 8 shutout innings Sat.

Athlete of the Week: Preston Betz

April 10, 2019

The News-Letter spoke with senior pitcher Preston Betz about his eight innings of shut-out baseball Saturday, as well as his growth throughout his career as well as the team’s preparation and their goals for the season. 

Protestors rally against private police and ICE contracts at Alumni Weekend breakfast

April 11, 2019

Over Alumni Weekend, protestors demonstrated in the Glass Pavilion during the President and Deans’ Breakfast on Saturday to call for an end to the University’s contracts with ICE and for the University to halt its plans to create a private police force. The protestors were a part of a larger sit-in protest of approximately 75 students, members of the Baltimore community and faculty members that began on 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3 in Garland Hall.