While Farrar knows Flo-Rida’s music isn’t great, its still important to him.

Discovering the good in bad music

April 25, 2019

Everybody has music that defines their childhood. Maybe if your parents were massive dead-heads, you’ll think of The Grateful Dead. For a lot of people, it was whatever was on the radio, or what their older siblings were into; usually some combination of The Killers, The Backstreet Boys or Destiny’s Child.

Learning how to express my voice as a survivor

April 29, 2019

We don’t talk about what makes us uncomfortable, but we should. Sexual assault is not a new phenomenon. It is not, and never will be, a result of the way someone dresses or the way someone acts. Burkas and ball gowns know assault just as booty shorts do. The male gaze is as pertinent as ever; the powerful gazing upon the marginalized as if their stares can strip autonomy. It’s the 21st century and survivors are just now finally gaining space to be able to share their experiences. 

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The best ways to keep up with politics as a student

April 25, 2019

As a busy Hopkins student, I’m guilty of joining my peers in a familiar refrain: “I wish I had more time to read the news!” Throughout high school, my family always had cable television news or the news radio station as a backdrop to our daily lives. Without this passive flow of information in my college routine, I’ve had to adjust how I consume my news in order to stay up to date with the latest political happenings.

Finding community in my uncle’s Italian deli

April 25, 2019

In the weeks following spring break, I’ve been struck, yet again, by constant hankerings for the flavors of home. As I’ve already written in this column, these cravings include the meals my mother and the other phenomenal home cooks in my family dish out to my clamoring cousins and me. However, I also find myself longing for my favorite bites from mom-and-pop businesses all over North Jersey.

Sandwiches like #1’s and pasta salads are a staple across Italian deli’s

SGA class council elections reveal high turnout

April 25, 2019

The Committee on Student Elections (CSE) announced the results of the 2019-20 Student Government Association (SGA) Class Council elections on Friday. Voter turnout increased from 928 to 1508 votes, a 38.5 percent increase from last year. 

Rise Bmore concert and talk hosted in remembrance of Freddie Gray

April 25, 2019

Rise Bmore hosted a panel of women from A Revolutionary Summer, a summer reading and writing program for black teenage girls, on Friday. A Revolutionary Summer allows selected participants to study and write literature, seeking to present a more complete narrative about black women and girls in history than what many may learn at their high schools. 

A Revolutionary Summer offers unique learning experience for black girls

SGA discusses alcohol concerns at Spring Fair

April 25, 2019

Student Government Association (SGA) members discussed University concerns regarding Spring Fair at their weekly meeting in Charles Commons on Tuesday. According to Director of Student Leadership and Involvement Calvin Smith, Jr., who serves as SGA’s advisor and spoke at the meeting, the University will start to strictly enforce a no open container policy on campus. 

Scholars discuss race and the prison system

April 25, 2019

Co-authors, University of Pennsylvania history professor Brent Cebul, Hopkins associate professor of history Nathan Connolly, and Hopkins sociology professor Stuart Schrader, gave a talk about their book Shaped by the State at Red Emma’s Bookstore on Thursday April 18. Christy Thornton, Hopkins assistant professor of sociology, moderated the discussion, which centered on race and the prison system in relation to the two-party system in America.

Red Emma’s hosts dialogue exploring race and the prison system.

Experts discuss intersection of social media and democracy

April 25, 2019

“I would urge that faculty, students and the community speak out against whatever they want to speak out against and that they are not punished for their concerns. My whole book is about how you bring about change; this is what I thought about my whole life. You organize the people and the community,” she said.

Events in Baltimore this weekend: April 25 - 28

April 25, 2019

Thursday 2019 Kickoff Party Nick’s Fish House 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Get ready for the start of the 2019 season! It’s the annual Kickoff Party out on the deck at Nick’s Fish House, a seafood restaurant in Port Covington.

Auchentoroly Terrace retains historic memories

April 24, 2019

When I was given the opportunity to participate in a walking tour of historic Druid Hill Park, I was thrilled — I love wholesome weekend mornings. However, the morning of said tour, I was terribly sleepy and not at all excited to walk in the heat for two whole hours. Fortunately, I was pleasantly awoken by the sunny morning and slow walking pace. 

 COURTESY OF Rachel Juieng
Graham Coreil-Allen leads a tour through historic Auchentoroly Terrace.

The deliciously decadent bacon cheeseburger with fries served at The Dizz.

Remington’s The Dizz offers an excellent burger

April 24, 2019

A few weeks ago, an old friend of mine from high school — let’s call him Jack — told me that he would no longer be eating burgers on a regular basis. Aghast, I asked him why. He told me that, after a profound moment of self-reflection (he looked at himself shirtless in the mirror and found himself flabby), he had decided that burgers were too decadent. 

CRISPR system could be the future of gene editing

April 25, 2019

Researchers at Cornell University recently developed a novel CRISPR system that has the potential to affect human genes. This research was featured in the paper “Introducing a Spectrum of Long-Range Genomic Deletions in Human Embryonic Stem Cells Using Type I CRISPR-Cas” published in the journal Molecular Cell. The development may, in the future, be able to recognize and destroy viruses such as Epstein-Barr and hepatitis B.  

CRISPR targets and removes or replaces pieces of genetic material.

Men’s and women’s tennis stay atop Conference

April 24, 2019

To no surprise, both the men’s and women’s tennis teams continue to dominate the Centennial Conference. This week, the 23rd-ranked men defeated the Haverford College Fords 7-2 to once again earn the top spot in the Conference. 

Nobel Prize Winner discuses medical diplomacy

April 25, 2019

The Osler Medical Symposium held their last event of the semester on Tuesday, hosting Dr. Peter Agre and Dr. Sheri Lewis. Agre is the recipient of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor. Lewis is the manager of the Global Disease Surveillance Program at the Applied Physics Laboratory. 

Courtesy of Laura Wadsten
Sheri Lewis and Peter Agre discuss their experiences in medical diplomacy for Osler Medical Symposium.

Sophomore Blue Jay Anjie Kashyap

AOTW: Anjali Kashyap

April 24, 2019

The Hopkins women’s tennis team took care of business at home this past weekend, defeating the Haverford College Fords on the Jays’ home courts by a score of 8-1. The Blue Jays emerged victorious again on Tuesday, beating the Gettysburg College Bullets 8-0 and the Loyola University Maryland Greyhounds 4-3.

Women’s Lacrosse falls short in a tight game against Penn State

April 24, 2019

Originally scheduled to play on Friday, the Hopkins women’s lacrosse team faced off against the Penn State Nittany Lions on Thursday, April 18 instead due to expected severe weather. Despite the change, both teams still gave it their all, as the game stayed close until the very end.
The women’s lacrosse team kept the game close until the very end.