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July 6, 2020


An open letter to survivors of sexual violence

Hello. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. And yet, in the irony of it all, we know each other. We’ve tasted the same agony and we’ve wept the same tears. Our story has consumed both of us like weeds, so much so that it is as if we have lived the same small life. 

Graduate student Giacomo Loi presented a talk on history and myths.

Lecture ties Greek mythology to Jewish history

Giacomo Loi hosted a seminar that connected Greek mythology to the Jewish tradition at Hopkins Hillel last Thursday. Loi is pursuing a PhD in the Department of Classics and has spent time all over Europe and Israel. 

THE PUBLIC EDITOR: Before plugging in your headphones, try plugging into Charm City’s arts scene

You’re a Hopkins student. You wake up, and if you’re not already on campus you’re probably no more than a few minutes away. You grab coffee and a croissant from Brody Cafe before class. You catch the JHMI, which ferries you across Baltimore to the Hospital’s doorstep. You’re in the lab, head bent, back aching for hours. You head back to campus, hit up the library and then the rec center. You grab dinner at the FFC or, if you’re feeling adventurous, somewhere along St. Paul, on your way home.

Suspended Brewing uses food and drink to push ecological sustainability.

Suspended Brewing Company hosts Atchara Pop-Up

What happens when a bunch of vegans, a crew of baseball cap–sporting Filipino cooks and a few dozen beer fanatics walk into a bar? Nope, this isn’t my most recent atrocious food-themed bar joke, but instead a pretty apt description of Atchara’s pop-up this past Sunday at Suspended Brewing.

Ekiben opens up a second location in Hampden

Down an alley behind The Avenue in Hampden is not where you would expect to find one of the newest and most popular restaurants among Hopkins students. But the path less travelled is exactly where you will find the second location of Ekiben, a Fells Point Asian fusion restaurant most known for its baos.

Sophomore guard Diarra Oden.

AOTW: Diarra Oden

As they approach the end of the regular season, the Hopkins women’s basketball team has their sights set on a strong finish to build momentum for a run in the Centennial Conference tournament. Since the start of the new year, the Jays are 10-4 and currently sit at third in the Conference. 

NBA All-Star Weekend was a surprising success

This weekend was the 69th annual National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Weekend. With star-studded lineups featured in every event, NBA fans had their eyes on this year’s rule changes. Every year, the NBA does something a little different with the dunk contest or one of the other smaller events.

Math is a foundational and universal discipline

Mathematics — four syllables that evoke a wide array of emotions and responses. Many of these emotions that arise are rooted in high school experiences of extensive formula memorizing and glitching of graphing calculators. However, mathematics is not simply a list of trigonometric identities.

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