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July 6, 2020


Georgetown will divest from fossil fuels. When will Hopkins do the same?

Since 2012, college students across the U.S. have been calling on their universities to divest from fossil fuel companies. At Hopkins, student group Refuel Our Future (Refuel) has been leading the fight for divestment. In November 2019, student protesters at Harvard and Yale disrupted the Harvard-Yale football game to call on their universities to divest. At over 50 universities, Hopkins included, students held events to recognize Fossil Fuel Divestment Day. 

Panelists at the forum brought up issues of transportation access and cost.

Panelists discuss the equity of Baltimore public transportation

Ida B’s Table, a restaurant in downtown Baltimore, hosted a public forum titled “Real Talk Tho: Making Public Transportation More Equitable” on Tuesday. Three panelists spoke at the forum, which focused on issues of public transportation in Baltimore: Ryan Dorsey, councilman for Baltimore’s 3rd District; LaKeisha Henderson of Bike and Brunch Tours; and Makayla Jefferson, a senior in the Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS). 

SilverCloud is now available to full-time students and trainees at Hopkins.

Univ. announces online mental health resource

Vice Provost for Student Health and Well-Being Kevin Shollenberger announced in an email to the student body on Wednesday that SilverCloud — an online, self-guided mental health resource — is now free and available to full-time Hopkins students and trainees. 

Courtesy of Cas Gustafsson
Davyon Love discussed the complex history of Black History Month.

Activist analyzes roots of Black History Month

Davyon Love, director of public policy at Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, spoke at the Enoch Pratt Free Library this Saturday. LBS is a grassroots think tank which aims to drive youth leadership development, legislative advocacy and other public policy interests surrounding black people in Baltimore. 

Novetsky draws negative parallels between biblical King Jehoiakim and President Trump.

The religious case against President Trump

Around two months ago, the magazine Christianity Today made national headlines by writing an editorial arguing in favor of removing President Donald Trump from office. This article was significant for many reasons, but perhaps the reason that it was so relevant was because of how thoroughly unexpected it seemed. The editorial wasn’t just interesting — it was surprising.

Mollin refuses to support Bloomberg, citing his mayoral record and his use of wealth.

Why I’m not able to support Mike Bloomberg for president

We are two months into 2020, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that civilization itself hangs in the balance. All around us, Trumpian forces of authoritarianism and corruption operate with impunity in our federal government, the international order continues to crack under its own weight and the climate crisis marches on unabated. 

Finding the beauty in moments of grief

The sun has not been out in days, the rain seems to never stop and the dull ache in your heart is a constant, ceaseless pounding. Letting go is one of the hardest things a human being has to experience, but letting go is probably also the most universally human experience. It is not possible to navigate life without loss or grief — so one day or another we all have to let go of something or someone.

According to Beaver, Sandler plays the same dumb husband in every movie.

Reflecting on the perpetual cringe of Adam Sandler

In the wake of the Oscars and the incredible wins for Parasite and Reneé Zellweger’s amazing performance in Judy, I decided to take this week to think of some of the worst acting I have seen. A name that comes to mind — and I will stand by this — is Adam Sandler. 

This week's latest "Ask Arden" column answers how to ask your crush.

Ask Arden: Tips on how to ask out your crush

It’s always nerve-wracking to approach your crush, especially when your intentions are to clarify their feelings toward you by asking them out. Ultimately, everybody has their own style, and so, the way that you ask out a specific crush will differ. However, here are some helpful things to consider. 

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