Volleyball makes history with two-win weekend

October 9, 2019

The Hopkins volleyball team was looking to make history this past Saturday, as they headed up to southeastern Pennsylvania for a two-game slate. The team was traveling with a 15 game unbeaten streak to start the season, one win shy of the program record. ...

Hopkins Volleyball is 17-0 and is currently ranked No. 16 in the nation.

Jennifer Baker was named the new director of athletics on August 8.

New athletic director spotlight: Jennifer Baker

October 10, 2019

Jennifer S. Baker was promoted to the role of director of athletics and recreation in August after her predecessor Alanna W. Shanahan became the new vice provost for student affairs. Baker was previously the senior associate director of athletics and had been in that role since 2017. She is the fifth person to hold the role since 1950.

Diana Ringo/CC BY-SA 4.0
Actor Joaquin Phoenix gives a compelling performance as the Joker in DC Comic’s new film.

Joker magnifies issues of social stratification and mental health

October 10, 2019

I had been talking with a friend who told me she was scared to watch the recently released DC Comics movie, Joker. While I assumed she was scared of the possibly gory and creepy contents of the film, I proceeded to ask her what exactly she found disturbing. Her response startled me.

American Visionary Art Museum exhibit foregrounds climate crisis

October 10, 2019

Last weekend, the American Visionary Arts Museum (AVAM) premiered this year’s exhibit, “The Secret Life of Earth: Alive! Awake! (and Possibly Really Angry!)”. To those who do not know AVAM, the museum always highlights artists and work that go beyond the norm, using different and innovative mediums of art to reach the end goal of their exhibit: in this case, learning more about the earth in which we live and to love it more. AVAM did not fail to awe and surprise me with their most recent installation. 

AVAM’s new exhibit emphasized climate change’s need for advocacy.

The “seeing room” at the Carroll mansion featured decorations and paintings of Edgar Allan Poe.

Carroll Mansion hosts Poe funeral reenactment

November 11, 2019

This past weekend might have just been a normal weekend for you, but for many, it was “Death Weekend.” To commemorate the 170th anniversary of the mysterious death of acclaimed poet Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore, the Carroll Mansion hosted a funeral reenactment on Saturday morning as a part of many other events hosted during the International Edgar Allan Poe Festival & Awards. 

The Sweaty Eyeballs Festival has expanded into an international event.

Inaugural film festival shows local animation

October 10, 2019

This weekend saw the inaugural Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival move into Station North in celebration of animated works of all kinds. Sweaty Eyeballs has taken many different forms since founder Phil Davis began the program in 2012 — fluctuating between annual and monthly screenings at Creative Alliance, the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and its current home, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parkway Theatre. 

Barnstormers introduce new students in Freshman One Acts

October 10, 2019

This past weekend the Barnstormers hosted their Freshman One Acts, an annual performance featuring performances by members of the new class.The event — which was comprised of five short plays — put freshmen in the metaphorical and literal spotlight both on stage and behind the curtain and was a promising omen of great performances to come.

The Barnstormers presented five short plays over the weekend to welcome freshmen.

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Focusing solely on electability will not get Democrats elected

October 5, 2019

Democrats have an electability problem — they won’t stop obsessing over it. According to a FiveThirtyEight poll taken just after the last Democratic debate, a candidate’s “ability to beat Donald Trump” is the top 2020 concern of nearly 40 percent of likely Democratic primary voters. The next most important issue, health care, was the priority for a mere 11 percent. 

Take your mom out to dinner at Rec Pier Chop House

October 3, 2019

Last weekend, I had the immense pleasure and privilege of eating at Chef Andrew Carmellini’s Rec Pier Chop House in Fells Point (thanks, Mom and Dad!). Driving up, I was struck first by the beauty of the surrounding area. The restaurant faces the heart of Fells Point, complete with cobblestone streets and adorable boutiques, and the water stretches out behind it. It is a beautiful side of Baltimore that I rarely get to experience, since I live in Charles Village. It felt like a pristine end to the summer, standing there as the sun began to set and a warm breeze tumbled off the water.

The Rec Pier Chop House is based in Sagamore Pendry in Fells Point.

Students unwind and relax at Hoptoberfest

October 23, 2019

Hoptoberfest, a week-long event organized by the student organization of the same name, occurs this year from Sept. 30 until Oct. 4. The annual event is intended to celebrate the start of autumn and relieve some of the stress that students may be feeling on campus. 

Voter suppression panel draws U.S. Representative

October 3, 2019

Students, faculty and speakers gathered to listen to U.S. Representative John Peter Spyros Sarbanes (MD-3), watch the film Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook and interact with panelists afterwards at Hodson Hall on Oct. 2. The event revolved around allegations of voter suppression in the United States that have accelerated since the 2008 election.

SAIS faculty discuss Great Power politics in panel

October 3, 2019

Faculty members of the School of American Studies (SAIS) came to speak on the Homewood Campus on Wednesday. Robert Work, a ‘93 SAIS alum and the former deputy secretary of defense, and Richard Fontaine, a ‘02 SAIS alum and the CEO of the Center for New American Security, gave a panel about the future of war and America’s relationships with China and Russia. 

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How will SNF Agora reach Baltimore community?

October 8, 2019

Two weeks ago, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Agora Institute unveiled plans for the construction of a building to house the Institute. The planned construction start date is fall 2020, with estimated completion by summer 2022. 

Hopkins will convert Blackstone into hotel next year

October 3, 2019

The University announced plans to build a hotel on the current site of the Blackstone apartments on Wednesday. The hotel will be called The Study at Johns Hopkins, and be operated by Study Hotels, a brand that runs luxury hotels on or near three other East Coast university campuses.

Students reacted to the University’s new plans to build a hotel where the Blackstone is currently located.

SGA welcomes new Senior Class Senator and Freshman Class Council.

SGA holds third meeting, talks SAC and town hall

October 3, 2019

The Student Government Association (SGA) held their third meeting of the semester this Tuesday. Members discussed both a bill intended to clarify guidelines for SGA’s funding board, the Student Activities Commission (SAC), as well as the concept of an undergraduate town hall.

First DivestFest brings together local activists

October 3, 2019

Refuel Our Future, an environmental activist group on campus, hosted its inaugural DivestFest on the Beach this Friday. Organizers called on the University to fully divest from its holdings in fossil fuels, which Refuel Our Future has prioritized as their primary goal. The event featured local climate groups, food, games and music and coincided with the final day of the nationwide “Week for Future and Climate Justice” movement.


Refuel Our Future hosted its inaugural DivestFest on the Beach this Friday to celebrate wins within the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Letter to the Editor 10/03/2019

October 4, 2019

Before I read the article “Unbelievable is not for the faint of heart,” I hadn’t heard of the show it discusses, which is about a woman who has been sexually assaulted.