Vorfeld tells her trainees to give options, not advice in A Place to Talk

Why I try to present options, not give advice

May 2, 2019

The semester is coming to a close and so is my time as a trainer for A Place To Talk. I am most proud of my co-trainer and trainees who have all done such an excellent job over these many weeks of training and grown so much. The good news is that I will be the Internal Training Director next year! So, if I have convinced you to become a great listener, apply. Spring or fall, you are most welcome. Reading this column will have definitely taught you a thing or two.

Producer Showcase: Jarreau Vandal and Edacs

May 2, 2019

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been constantly listening to music from two completely unique and distinct producers. Both are fantastic and should be far more popular than they are, though they make completely different music. 

Naval Historical Center/CC BY-SA 1.0
Taegukgi depicts the cruel conditions of the Korean War.

South Korean film delivers nuanced portrait of war

May 2, 2019

Liberty in North Korea JHU (LiNK), a student group under the umbrella organization of the same name, held its rescheduled screening of the 2004 South Korean film, Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War, on Wednesday, May 1. Although I could not attend in person, I was able to watch the film on my own time. 

Here's what I've experienced because I'm a woman

May 2, 2019

A Pakistani male artist Ali Zafar was recently accused of harassing another Pakistani female artist Meesha Shafi. Shafi claimed that the harassment had occurred on several occasions, and she had chosen to stay quiet about it because she had blocked it out. 

Backlash against K-pop leads Qian to ponder traditional masculinity.

Learning how to express my unique masculinity

May 2, 2019

A few days back, I found an LA Times article online: “To fight K-pop’s influence in China, a club teaches young boys to be alpha males.” Intrigued, I read it. The author explains that a masculinity crisis has developed in China, thanks to the kinds of celebrities that were on Chinese media. After all, if you ever saw male K-pop stars, you would know how feminine their makeup is, how pretty their dyed hair is, how un-manly their style of dress is! Surely they are the opposite of what a real man is!

Cuz I Love You is about overcoming vulnerabilities with confidence

May 2, 2019

When Lizzo brazenly opened “Tempo” with the words, “I’ve been waiting for this one,” teasing her collaboration with Missy Elliott, I knew I wasn’t ready. It’s been a month since “Tempo” dropped, with Lizzo’s full album, Cuz I Love You, released on Friday, April 19, but I still don’t think I’m quite ready to tackle analyzing the absolute bops featured.

andy witchger cc by-sa 2.0
Lizzo’s new album Cuz I Love You is an uplifting album full of memorable beats and lyrics.

Ome and Ko celebrate the time they’ve spent working on The News-Letter

Reflecting on our time as Editors-in-Chief

May 2, 2019

It’s not often that you get to lead with your best friend. The summer before this year — our senior year — we road-tripped up to the Jersey shore and stood on the beach with no idea of the year that was ahead of us as Editors-in-Chief. We had been close for a long time, but this was the year that we became inseparable. Twenty-plus-hour News-Letter work weeks, bookended by weekends full of laughter, reflection and nights in Baltimore and Brody. And now, with only a few weeks until graduation, we can’t help but look back on this whirlwind year and marvel at how it’s all coming to a close so soon.

Claire Denis’ film, High Life, is an engrossingly gross sci-fi film

May 2, 2019

Claire Denis’ film High Life, which was released on Friday, April 12, is definitely unique. And it is also certainly a showcase of the most bodily fluids I’ve seen in a science fiction film, so much to the point where I pledged to walk out at five different points. But the film has an impressive and elusive gravity to it that kept me in my seat, despite being grossed out right up to my limits. 

nicolas genin cc by-sa 2.0
French film director Claire Denis’ High Life is a visceral sci-fi film featuring Robert Pattinson.

A6 top.jpg

Hopkins community reflects on Mayor Pugh scandals

May 6, 2019

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents raided Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s house and offices at City Hall on Thursday. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan called on her to resign in a public statement hours later, following the lead of the City Council and the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC), a regional organization comprised of University President Ronald J. Daniels and other business and civic leaders.

Reading period: a time to pause and wind down

May 2, 2019

The countdown to finals is getting dangerously low. Get excited, folks. Even the worst of procrastinators — myself included — are beginning to settle down and spend some quality time with their textbooks and laptops in order to prepare for this most hellish of hell weeks. Before that, though, is a four-day reprieve: reading period. 

Milton S. Eisenhower Library, a space frequented by workaholic JHU students.

Julia Fleischaker is the owner of Greedy Reads, a bookstore in Fells Point.

Greedy Reads builds community through books

May 2, 2019

The small, unassuming dark brick building sits at the corner of Aliceanna and South Ann in Fells Point. Large white letters spell out “Greedy Reads” on the street side window; inside, the bookstore’s owner, Julia Fleischaker, sits in a pool of red and blue light cast by the building’s original stained-glass windows, browsing on a laptop in her armchair. 

Famed civil rights attorneys come to Hopkins to speak to Law Review.

Law Review brings together pre-law community

May 2, 2019

The Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Law Review hosted the first Law Review Gala this Monday. The event featured William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr., a civil rights lawyer and former judge who represented the family of Freddie Gray, and Christina Bostick, the civil rights lawyer who represented the family of Henrietta Lacks. 

M. & W. Tennis take final Centennial matches

May 2, 2019

Last Saturday, the men’s and women’s tennis team had their final matchups before the Centennial Conference tournament this upcoming weekend. The men’s team hosted a doubleheader in Baltimore, facing off against the Dickinson College Red Devils and the Mary Washington University Eagles, while the women’s team traveled to face the Washington College Shorewomen.

Sophomore Anjali Kashyap won Centennial Conference player of the week.

Pull Quote Template 32 (19).png

It’s time for the Athletics culture to change now

May 8, 2019

A lot — to say the least — has happened since Aug. 10, 2018. And ever since, I’ve wanted to speak up. Every week I’ve told myself, “This is the week I’m going to publish my reflection.” And every week, I cowered. I was afraid people would use my words against me, and I have no doubt that they still will.