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May 26, 2020


Jordan's return a blessing for us, a curse for him - Cool, Calm and Collected

The great Jordan is back! While Michael Jordan is not the first athlete to unretire, he is the first to actually announce that he would be back during his retirement press conference. After the Bulls won their sixth NBA championship to conclude the 1997-98 season, Mike sat in front of the microphone and proclaimed that this was it, again. Then a reporter had the unique of idea of asking his Airness whether he was absolutely positive.

Brew your own tasty beer

The process of brewing beer at home is slightly akin to many ventures in the culinary arts. Granted, beer is a bit different from cr?me brule or chocolate mousse, but its creation requires the same meticulous and careful input as Martha Stewart's gourmet desserts. And there is the same chance that the finished product will either delight your company enough to have them say, "Damn, that was good. Can we have a second round?" or it will cause them to gag and never come to another of your dinner parties ever again.

No. 1 Salisbury St. barely defeats Field Hockey

A seventeen game Centennial Conference winning streak came to an end in last Wednesday's contest against Franklin & Marshall. But even worse, the Johns Hopkins Field Hockey team's losing streak has been stretched to five as they dropped two more games versus Dickinson and number one ranked Salisbury.

Mental Notes' version of a cappella

How could I have braved it through last weekend? After all, I had a five page paper to write for my Shakespeare class on 20 lines from Romeo and Juliet. Fair enough. But have you ever read that story? It's an attack on human decorum. Every scene has at least 50 sexual references. If someone says, "A right fair mark," the footnote reads, "a target or vulva". That's a pretty wide margin of interpretation. Some other great footnotes taken out of context include rooster's testicle, sexual penetration, loose women, untamed virgin, and skirt chaser.

BSO lineup continues

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will be performing at the Meyerhoff this Thursday, Friday and Sunday. On the program are Anton?n Dvor?k's New World Symphony, the Academic Festival Overture by Johannes Brahms and Dmitri Shostakovich' s From Jewish Folk Poetry.

M. Soccer has six straight shutouts

Increasing its winning streak to six straight games, the Men's Soccer team registered convincing victories last week by defeating Washington College, 3-0, on Wednesday and Muhlenberg, 2-0, on Saturday. With those two wins, the Blue Jays improved their overall record to 9-1 and added to their unprecedented shutout streak that now stands at six games.

Terrorists hurt Muslims foremost - For King & Country

Were one to believe the rhetoric about seething anti-Arab sentiment in post-911 America, then one would expect there to be massive pogroms against Arab-Americans exploding throughout the nation. As one local protestor pined in last week's News-Letter, ".the Arab community has had to deal with so much harassment since the attacks." Posters decrying 'War and Racism" are all around our campus. Ridiculous comparisons with the internment of Japanese citizens during WWII abound. So exactly what are the terrible retributive attacks being made against Arab-Americans today?

Class of '05 statistics released

Heralded as "extraordinary" by admissions officials, this year's freshman class has the highest enrollment numbers and average SAT scores of any class yet to enter JHU. The Class of 2005 also includes more students who graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class than in previous years. In addition, the freshman class saw a marginal widening of the gender gap and almost no change in students' geographic origins.

7even Year Itch rehashes Collective Soul's mediocrity

Ever heard of Collective Soul? I hadn't. Knowing pretty much nothing about the group, I sought basic opinions from my more musically astute friends before attempting to review the band's newest album release, 7even Year Itch. Most could only ask me "Who's that?" - a surprising response to a group that has already released five other albums.

Hopkins Applied Physics Lab designs satellite to study Pluto

The New Horizons research team, made up of scientists and engineers from the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory along with members of the Southwest Research Institute, has proposed a research design for a satellite that would fulfill NASA's mission to study Pluto. The satellite could be ready to launch as soon as Dec 2004, and would reach Pluto around 2014 - 2018.

The Smurfs who smoked up

The Smurfs were the basis for what turned out to be one big psychedelic experience. As any other person with two brain cells to rub together would remember, The Smurfs was definitely the greatest '80s cartoon. It revived the carefree, tie-dye lifestyle of the '70s to a six year old audience. Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Gargamel and Azreal are just a few of these beloved and unforgettable characters.

Treasures found in Hampden - In Watermelon Sugar is a boutique with something for everyone

Hampden, a township about five minutes by car from campus, is a world all its own. Hardly a few skips from the hustle and bustle of such busy streets as St. Paul and N. Charles, those road-rage-infected Baltimore drivers have no choice but to be calmed and soothed by the atmosphere. Families line the streets, talking and laughing while gazing at the shops, one next to another next to another. Coffeehouses and little cafes are sandwiched in between the rowhouses of those who are lucky enough to live in this quaint little town.

A letter to myself 20 years later - My Turn

Allow me to share a secret held by many academic advisers: we wish we were you. We wish we had the chance to go back to our college days, to revisit our best moments and to correct our mistakes. I like to fantasize that I could write myself a letter, knowing what I know now and send it to my college mailbox. It would arrive twenty years ago, in October of 1981, when I was a freshman. And it would read something like this:

Students speak out against anti-Arab sentiments in U.S.

Students from the Johns Hopkins University and Goucher College rallied in front of the Civil War monument on the south end of campus last Saturday to protest President George Bush's call for a "war on terror." The rally was held in honor of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and attempted to call attention to the profiling Arab-Americans have faced since the attacks, according to organizers.

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