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July 6, 2020


New Exec. Board elected

The winners of Monday's Student Council Executive Board election were announced by the Board of Elections (BoE) at Tuesday's Student Council meeting.

Hip-hop fashion comes into its own

Fashion and music have always been closely related. The Grateful Dead influenced hippie style in the sixties, disco reeked havoc in the seventies and Madonna added her own personal flair in the eighties. However, hip-hop's recent influence on fashion is much more cultural and ethnic, as it reaches past trends towards an expression of a very specific point of view. This perspective came about in the South Bronx in the late seventies. It happened as a representation of a lifestyle that was in touch with the street, the community and everyday African American life. Not only a distinctive sound and rhythm, hip-hop culture was also a creative mixture of rap, break dancing, graffiti and DJ-ing.

Schnurr to aid Kugler as Assistant Chaplain

New Assistant Chaplain Kathryn Schnurr joined the staff of the Bunting-Meyerhoff Interfaith Center (IFC) on March 1. In this capacity, she will aid Chaplain Sharon Kugler as a right-hand to IFC programming and reach out to students, staff and faculty.

Last week's answers and winner

By tiebreaker, the winner of last week's quiz was Oleg Pelekhaty. Come to the Gatehouse on Tuesday or Wednesday night to pick up your prize. I assume that the munchies will be greatly appreciated by the winner of the Hippie Quiz.

Legal trouble for Morpheus - Pop Tech

If you are an active MusicCity Morpheus user, you probably sat staring at your computer for a few days last week, disgruntled to no end at the fact that the highly popular P2P software network was down. Streamcast CEO Steve Griffin's message on the MusicCity homepage indicates that the Morpheus network was attacked by the protocol it runs on, called Fast Track. Although it does seem quite odd that a program's own base software could turn on it, this is a good approximation of the series of events that led to new versions of software for three current file-sharing leaders.

Career center employees need a reality check and better manners

You should get out of the library some time. Stop studying so much, do other stuff, have fun. You know ? I really pity you. Being Hopkins students, many of us have gotten used to hearing these statements, and being automatically stereotyped and categorized as over-studious and lacking social lives; though in most, if not all cases, this is not true.

Deans Bader, Weiss must broaden concept of honor code committee

Recently, Deans Bader and Weiss formed the "Honor Code Committee." An e-mail sent on Feb. 8, 2002 described this committee as "map[ing] out our approach to evaluating an honor code at Hopkins." While I applaud the deans' effort, it seems they are missing the overall purpose of an honor code. McCabe and Trevino (1996) found that, "The climate or culture of academic integrity found on a campus may be the most important determinant of the level of student cheating on that campus." Thus, honor codes are effective because they create a discussion where the topic of academic ethics is not taboo, but socially acceptable.

Are BOE regulations too restrictive of campaigning?

Current seniors can remember the controversy that raged in the spring of 1999 as the results of the elections for Student Council Executive Board President (as well as those for other positions) were challenged by candidates who felt that their opponents had campaigned improperly. Among other complaints, challenger Shaun Ahmad accused incumbent Zack Pack of campaigning near voting booths. To add to the confusion, there were accusations that members of the Board of Elections (BOE) had also acted unethically.

Travelling abroad requires planning, patience

So, you say you're tired of Hopkins, of Baltimore (maybe even both), and it's time to take a vacation? Be it a grand tour of Europe's best vineyards or a weekend drive out to Pennsylvania Dutch country, with a little bit of planning and a whole lot of patience, even a travel neophyte can piece together an enjoyable voyage without having to ask Mom and Dad to take out yet another mortgage on the homestead.

Smedick receives advising awards

Dr. Bill Smedick, Special Assistant to the Dean of Student Life and Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs, was the recipient of two awards from the National Association for Campus Activities at that organization's national convention in Indianapolis last week.

2001 season marked return to dominance for Blue Jays

In their first season under a new head coach, and boasting a squad rich with talented freshmen and sophomores, the Johns Hopkins Men's Lacrosse team began last year's season with high expectations. But the 2001 season did not begin the way that many had hoped. The Blue Jays got off to a rough start with an 8-4 loss to Princeton in what was Pietramala's first game as Head Coach. Hopkins fell behind 4-0 in the game and the Blue Jays were never able to close the gap, despite out-shooting Princeton 13-1 in the fourth quarter and winning the ground ball war in the game 34-25.

Jays face tough schedule in quest for a national championship

With the start of 2002 season just days away, the Hopkins men's lacrosse team is poised and set to storm the confines of Homewood Field and renew one of the game's best rivalries. Defending National Champion Princeton comes to town on March 2 to kick off the season, and the Blue Jays are ready for them.

Women's captains NCAA tourney expect to get

Leading a group of players who are rich in both experience and talent, the captains of the Women's Lacrosse team enter this year with high hopes, and they do so with good reason. After an impressive season in 2001, the Blue Jays return 10 of their top 11 scorers from last year. In addition, Hopkins welcomes back one of its three captains from last year, senior attacker Erin Wellner. She is joined by another senior, midfielder Christy Peterson, in accomplishing captain duties with Wellner.

Real World: Hopkins?

Want to be in a documentary? Seniors Jeff Novich (Jeff Makes A Movie, The Big Shit) and Sharon Braune are looking to shoot a documentary on college life at Hopkins from the perspective of graduating seniors. What did you think of your freshman year roommate? How did you meet your best friends? What was your best hookup? Novich and Braune want funny, interesting and entertaining stories about your life here at Hopkins. Anyone is welcome to tell his or her story and you can give us as much or as little time as you want. Novich and Braune anticipate having 40 to 50 students profiled in an hour-long documentary.

White Stripe hype

The Strokes were supposed to save rock 'n' roll. They were supposed to return from their self-imposed exile abroad to take the airwaves, and thus the hearts and minds of American youth, by storm. Suburban kids were supposed to drop their FuBu clothing and Linkin Park CDs in favor of Chuck Taylor All-Stars and the Velvet Underground. All was supposed to be well with the world.

Women's team took great strides in 2001 despite ups and downs

The 2001 season for the Johns Hopkins Women's Lacrosse team had ups and downs that kept their closest followers guessing till the end. Entering only their third season in the NCAA Division I league, the Lady Jays had as much to prove as to learn. The season finally ended at an 11-6 record, with an Eastern Conference Championship to show and many more attributes that presented themselves during the run.

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