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July 6, 2020


McIntosh praises openness

On Tuesday, Del. Maggie McIntosh met at the Mattin Center with Hopkins students for an informal discussion about her experiences as the House Majority leader. McIntosh is the first woman and the only openly gay member of the Maryland state legislature to hold this position.

Relax during Summer Session - Students find classes easier to handle in the summer months

Though summer is generally thought of as a time to relax at home or travel, many Hopkins students decide to stick around in balmy Baltimore. Why? For summer session, where they can take classes for enjoyment, to absolve less-than-stellar grades, or to get a head start on requirements. Along with Hopkins undergraduates, visiting undergraduates and pre-college students come to JHU to take classes and enjoy the summer in Baltimore.

Red Dragon filmed at BMA

Dozens of trucks, a camera crew and film production personnel descended upon the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) last Monday to shoot scenes for the Bret Ratner-directed Red Dragon, the prequel to The Silence of the Lambs, in which Oscar- winner Anthony Hopkins once again reprises his role as the serial killer Hannibal Lecter.

Excitement at Augusta National as Tiger leaves with 3rd Masters

I have to admit, I was pretty lucky when freshman student council member Charles Reyner showed up at my door. I was having a crummy day after a near sleepless night and wasn't looking forward to any visits. "Here's the thing," Chuck says, "I've got a ticket for you to go down to Augusta, it's waiting for you. All you have to do is find a way to get to Columbia, South Carolina in less than two weeks."

Berry to lead task force on African studies

Daniel Weiss, Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, recently appointed Department of History Professor Sara Berry to head a task force of faculty members and students from the student group JHUnity to improve African and African-American academic programs at Hopkins. The group met for the first time last week to begin to outline the structure for the Center for African and African-American Studies.

Terrapins hand W. Lax 13-8 loss - Defeat comes after winning seven of eight

Falling behind early and never managing to recover, the Women's Lacrosse team lost to the Maryland Terrapins 13-8 in front of a home crowd on Saturday. Hopkins saw its four game win streak fall as the No. 13 Terrapins defeated the No. 17 Jays after racing to an 8-1 first half lead and holding on to the advantage from there.

Last week's winner and answers

The winner of the informercials quiz was Sarah Walch. Sarah, rip yourself away from the set long enough to come on down to the Gatehouse (on a Tuesday or Wednesday night) to pick up your prize.

Uncovering Israel's intentions

As Ariel Sharon wages his brutal war against the Palestinians, U.S. support of Israel continues unabated. The Bush Administration has attempted to portray itself as a neutral party and a voice of reason attempting to mediate between two parties that are either incapable or unwilling to end the violence. But the fiction of the U.S. as a mediator is not supported by actual U.S. policy. Actions speak louder than words, and U.S. actions have unswervingly been in support of Israel.

Lopez discusses political crusades

Margarita Lopez, the first openly lesbian Puerto Rican ever elected to public office, discussed the difficulty of her homosexual emergence from a strict Catholic family and her political crusade for community-based efforts on Monday in the Glass Pavilion. The event was co-sponsored by the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance (DSAGA) and Organizaci"n Latina Estudantil.

Amendment B proposes to alter Student Council bylaws

The Student Council meeting was held in the Mattin Center this week. Originally scheduled to take place in Shriver, the student representatives were forced to change locations due to a scheduling conflict. In addition to regular business, the meeting focused largely on a funding request from the Underground Shakespeare Company to build a stage for their upcoming show. Students also presented and discussed a recent amendment to the Student Council constitution.

Now is time for "A" change

Why do universities have student councils? What should be the mission and goals of a student council? Why are so many student councils, including Hopkins' council, often criticized as ineffective and powerless? What is both good and bad about Hopkins' current student government structure, and how can it be improved?

?Fel?z cuatro veinte! To all, a merry 4-20! - Celebrate our "national holiday" by rolling a joint and getting nicely toasted all day long

Rise and shine! The hippies are taking over this here section, for our favorite holiday season is upon us. And, unlike the December season that annoys us so with its intense bouts of annoying Christmas carols, shopping at malls, and infinite cheese logs, this springtime allows even the weary college student to put on a Grateful Dead album, sit back, relax, spark up, and eat a shit load of nachos.

The Kama Sutra spices up sex lives - An in-depth look at the ancient Indian art of obtaining spirituality through sacred sex

Kama Sutra. Having read only these two simple words, I'm sure, has aroused many lurid thoughts in your imagination. This ancient Hindu sexual practice has become notorious in modern times for the adventure, mystery and challenge it offers. While some will balk over its mere feasibility, a surprisingly large number of people, whether or not they are aware of it or will openly admit to it, have prescribed to aspects of this difficult art form in an attempt to, shall we say, get the fun times a rollin'.

Worldly freshman offers travel picks

So it's summer and that internship that you were hoping for didn't work out. Neither did that job back home. And that lucrative job baby-sitting for your next door neighbors - well, forget about it! But fear not, there really is a solution to the summer doldrums. Instead of spending the summer moaning about the lack of foresight on the parts of those inept managers who turned your application down (but don't worry, you'll show them one day), take this opportunity to turn your summer into a cultural experience that is fun at the same time.

Women's Tennis sliced by F&M - Men's team defeats Goucher 6-1 but loses against Haverford 3-4

The Johns Hopkins men's tennis team defeated Goucher College 6-1 last Thursday afternoon. They won five of six singles matches and all three doubles matches to secure the win. Junior Kevin Alford defeated Drew Rothman 6-0, 6-3 in No. 1 singles, and senior Ashish Lall dropped the first set before rebounding to defeat Reid Anderson 6-7 (4), 6-1, 6-3 in the No. 3 singles match.

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