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May 26, 2020


It's not all keg stands and beer pong

It's your first week at Hopkins and you've probably already seen the many fraternity houses around the neighborhood. Perhaps you've even gone inside some of them and met some of the brothers. If you browsed through any of the literature on the campus social scene, you may have also realized that one in five Hopkins students are involved in Greek life. At Hopkins, fraternities and sororities are dominant on the social scene, especially among freshmen. But if you are anything like I was when I first got here last year, there are many important questions you wished you had the answers to. What are fraternities all about, anyway? Am I a likely candidate to pledge a fraternity at Hopkins? Other than the obvious social scene, why do people pledge fraternities anyway? How does rushing and pledging work? Here's the low-down on some things you should know about fraternities at Hopkins.

The Digital Media Center: 21st Century Art

When students go to the recently completed Mattin Center for the Arts, they do not always realize that within its walls lies a hub of professional technology to help them create the art of the 21st century. The Digital Media Center (DMC), which opened in 2001, has a vast array of equipment and personnel to assist students in creating projects, curricular or not, using the latest digital technology.

StuCo pres. imparts plans

Student Council President (StuCo) Manish Gala announced the council's goals for the upcoming school year in the areas of Homewood student affairs, academic affairs and social programming.

Want to be a Hopkins hard body? Hit the A.C.

During the summer months, many Hopkins students enjoy their time away from the books by exercising and building up a chiseled look that they can bring back to school in September. In the past, this summer schedule seldom carried over into the academic year with the lackluster weight room on campus, not to mention all the classes and other activities students to which students are devoted. This fall, however, they will have no reason to stop their healthy inclinations with the brand new Ralph O'Connor Recreation Center at their disposal.

Popcorn, pop culture and pornography

Remember back in the 1940s when Baltimore was a booming harbor city, when North Avenue was one of the richest areas filled with giant stone row-houses and the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus had half as many buildings, and when there were over 100 movie theaters in Baltimore City alone? A lot has changed since then, in a bad way.

Wolman and McCoy: Stand Proud

So, you've gotten to Hopkins only to realize that you are living in a so-called "sophomore" dorm. Feeling left out of the whole "freshmen" dorm experience of the AMRs and Buildings A and B? Well, have no worries! Life on the other side of Charles St. is equally fun, if not more. And though Wolman and McCoy traditionally housed sophomores, more and more freshmen are skipping the AMR way of life by residing in these buildings. Chances are, you will have freshmen as roommates, suitemates, or in the very least, floor mates. So get over that whole, missing out on "freshmen" bonding thing, because you can meet a ton of freshmen AND sophomores in Wolman and McCoy.

Where to get drunk and learn Greek

Currently there are 10 Inter-Fraternity Council-sponsored fraternities at Johns Hopkins. One other -- St. Elmo's -- is around but not in the IFC. Anyway, with a little luck and these helpful hints, you'll know where to party this semester and what to expect when you go there.

The real story behind the "Johns" in Johns Hopkins

Most freshmen asked to explain why we attend Johns Hopkins, rather than John Hopkins University would be left looking dumfounded. Hopkins trivia may not exactly be common knowledge. For the benefit of students new and old who may be in the dark, here is a bit of Hopkins history to set the record straight.

Student shot on St. Paul Street

A Johns Hopkins University student was shot on the buttocks early Wednesday morning while she attended a series of parties on the 3200 block of St. Paul Street. The suspect, a heavy-set white male who lives on the block, allegedly brandished a pellet gun and shot the victim at approximately 1:25 a.m., Baltimore City Police said.

Competition outside of class

Most of us at Hopkins participated in sports teams in high school. Now that we are in college, participation in sports teams can seem much more difficult since varsity teams don't allow just anyone to join. What can the average athlete do to partake in team sports? Well, you could try out for a varsity team, but for those who don't want to make such a commitment, there are two alternatives: club teams and intramurals. Either way, you'll be having fun, meeting new people and burning off that weekend alcohol and Taco Bell.

When the Beach was sooo cool ...

It goes without saying that the grass is always greener on the other side of the street. Not only is it greener elsewhere, it was greener on this side in the past. Before we came around, college was, like, sooo much cooler than it is now. People were walking around doing drugs without consequence, protesting various and sundry wars and having sex everywhere. The chicks were all hot. The guys were all hot. Man, if we were only born 30 years ago, college would have been so much more fun.

Is B'more the greatest city in America?

Many Hopkins students seem to detest living in Baltimore. If you listen to the jaded whiners, you'll hear that this city is a boring, unsafe, STD-infested cesspool with muggers, serial killers and gibbering madmen on every street corner. But if you ask them, most Baltimore-hating students will tell you that they never venture far from campus. Frankly, Charles Village isn't that exciting and it's unfair to judge the rest of the city based on one area alone.

How to eat Hopkins food

I'm off the meal plan. Perhaps that will tell you something about on-campus food at Hopkins. Don't get me wrong, though. The food isn't that bad. You just have to know how to eat it. Trust me, it's more complicated than just chewing.

SATs don't do the laundry: welcome to college

The word "college" brings to mind images of professors in bow-ties, animal house style fraternities, imposing architecture, crammed full dorm rooms and crowds at the big games. A new Hopkins student will find all of those things here, but look further. The college years will have a deep impact on the way you perceive the world around you, people and nature.

JHU hires former Enron exec.

The Johns Hopkins University has hired a former vice president of Enron Corporation to fill its newly created position of vice president of government, community and public affairs.

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