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The Rock rules the box office

If the Oscar race were to begin right now, the Scorpion King, an epic adventure starring WWF wrestler The Rock, would not be in the running. In fact, it will most likely earn a few Razzie nominations. The script is flawed in many places, the characters are one-dimensional and the acting is laughable. But I will still give this movie a favorable review. Why, you may ask? Because the action and sword play tops anything I have seen in theaters lately, and The Rock is just one bad mutha fucka. The Scorpion King is without a shout of a doubt a dumb movie, but the millions and millions of The Rock's fans really won't care.

04 pres. retracts e-mail statement

Class of 2004 President Simone Chen formally apologized to her class and the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance (DSAGA) Tuesday for a comment she made in a Class of 2004 e-mail that some deemed insensitive. In the e-mail, sent earlier on Tuesday, Chen noted "Common myths concerning [the light blue] class t-shirts," and said that one misconception was "Light blue is gay," and that this was false because "Light blue is a very masculine color and is definitely 'in' this spring."

Study abroad safety policies unchanged

Despite the growing concern for the safety of Americans traveling in foreign countries, the JHU Study Abroad Office has not drastically altered they way in which it monitors Hopkins students studying abroad. The office is instead relying on the capabilities of the individual programs themselves to account for and ensure the safety of their students.

Tennis finishes up season

Last Saturday, April 27 both women's and men's Tennis competed in the Centennial Conference Championships. The two day tournament featured junior Kevin Alford advancing to the men's singles semifinals and a men's doubles team advancing to the finals. Many other JHU tennis players advanced to the semifinals and quarterfinals in the three day tournament. The competition was held on the campus of Centennial Conference rival Haverford.

W. Lacrosse demolishes Villanova, 19-3

With the fate of their season hanging in the balance, the Blue Jays Women's Lacrosse team rebounded from their homecoming loss to Maryland and defeated the Villanova Wildcats 19-3 Wednesday night at Homewood Field behind strong performances by senior attacker Erin Wellner, who had five assists, and sophomore midfielder Heidi Pearce, who scored five goals.

Philly's TTV rocks the Vault

No matter how successful a woman is, if she is attractive and up on a stage, some jackass in the crowd will inevitably shout, "Show your tits." Which is precisely what happened when I saw Philadelphia's Tapping the Vein play at the Vault on April 13. Fortunately, singer Heather Thompson had a reply on hand, the culprit apologized and the show went on.

Amendment A campaign appeals outcome

Student supporters of Amendment A, the proposed Student Council Constitutional revision are appealing the results of this week's election and calling for the disqualification of Amendment B, the winning amendment. Supporters of Amendment A say their case was misrepresented repeatedly by the opposition over the course of what some people involved with the election process called a dirty race.

If I knew then what I do now... - Our Man in Amsterdam

Election day in Chicago aside, is there any event more anti-climactic than a university commencement? Four years are spent in eager anticipation of that glorious day, and when it finally comes, halfway through the interminable pomposity of it all, you find yourself praying for the end. Of the world, that is.

Students vote in Council referenda - Amendment B wins out over Amendment A

On Monday, the student body voted on two different Student Council (StuCo) Constitution reforms. At StuCo's weekly meeting Tuesday night, it was announced that the Student Council Constitution proposal known as Amendment B passed with 341 votes. The other proposal, known as Amendment A, received 231 votes, and 102 people voted for no change to the constitution.

A Cock Block to last for the ages - The Cock Block

So, it's come to this: the final Cock Block the world will ever see. As much as I'd like to, I can't imagine that this column will be terribly missed. What is this, the sixth edition of it? Maybe not even that many. But one thing's for certain: It's probably been a waste of time for all parties involved.

Fewer vendors for Spring Fair 2002

After the University changed its open space protocols last year, large events like Spring Fair were forced onto Garland Field. Spring Fair 2002 will again be held on Garland Field but with a new layout and fewer vendors to adjust for spatial issues faced last year.

Brokaw to address grads

The academic year is almost over, which brings up the big question that is on everyone's minds. Who is speaking at the commencement ceremonies? Well wait no longer, because it's official! This year's commencement speaker will be broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw. Now you may wonder how this came to be. How did our school manage to get such a big name character to speak for free? It's actually simpler than you think.

The Quiz Master Quiz

Of course, when it happens that an honest-to-God famous person is headlining at one of the symposium events, the QM drops everything to attend.

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