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Goutman named young trustee

Former class president Stephen Goutman has been named to The Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees as Young Trustee for the Class of 2002.

For God's sake, stop violence arising from religious beliefs - Power Plays

Man is certainly stark mad," concluded Michel de Montaigne. "He cannot make a flea, yet he makes gods by the dozens." And never have any of those gods seemed so far away as they do now. In light (or darkness?) of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, the religious warfare in Northern India and the ongoing struggle between the Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East, how could anyone claim the favor of the Almighty? Frankly, some may begin to doubt that such a being exists.

Garbage puts on a Beautiful show at 9:30 Club

Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club was sold out both Monday and Tuesday night this week as Garbage came to an old haunt to support the band's third album, Beautiful Garbage. So, on Monday night, I was mere feet away from one of the most brilliant minds in modern rock - Butch Vig (the producer behind Nirvana's Nevermind) - and even closer to one of the most powerful and sexy female vocalists in all of rock history - Shirley Manson. The last time I had seen Manson, Vig and bandmates Duke Erikson and Steve Marker, had been in 1996, back when Manson was still a redhead, at D.C.'s RFK Stadium. Eight years later, Manson is a blond and the band is on a new label, but that hasn't changed the fact that Garbage puts on an electrifying show.

A few noisome incidents in India

I would like to start by saying that I really did not enjoy my trip to India, although I do look back on it fondly now. Let me explain before I offend anyone. For one I was too young and this was my first experience witnessing such extreme poverty. I found the sight of five year-olds selling cigarettes on street corners and men huddled around dung fires very disturbing.

Recipes for the patio, daddy-o

With warmer weather upon us and the summer, a period of (generally) less responsibility, approaching, outside eating affairs will occur more often. Like apartment dinner parties or other meal-inclusive events, BBQ's can involve a bit of work and planning. But of course, it is possible for party hosts to have just as much fun as their guests do. Hopkins students surveyed provided some suggestions for organizing and planning a BBQ or picnic, commenting on what makes these events successful. Consider the propositions if you intend to fire up the grill soon.

Goodbye, farewell and amen - One editor's valediction and fare-thee-well to the Johnny Hop

One of the most consistent themes from week to week in the opening paragraphs of this column has been my assertion that one or another aspect of life strikes me as strange. This week will be no exception. This is the last News-Letter of the year, and thus the last appearance of "Placebo Effect" in these pages. It's the last week in a four-year career in which the News-Letter has been a part of my routine almost every week, and for two of those years, "Placebo Effect" has been a frequent, if not always regular, part of that routine. And I have to say. it's been strange. Strange in how fast it's gone: After all, high school seemed to take forever, and that was only four years, too, but this flew by. Strange in how something that could be so stressful can also be so much fun. Strange that I've learned so much doing something for which I received no academic credit.

Hopkins missing tolerance

The Johns Hopkins University seems like a bubble in the middle of Baltimore, enclosed within a city with all kinds of problems. This bubble is made up of a community of educated and intelligent people that may not seem susceptible to the problems of prejudice, ignorance and intolerance. During my two years at Hopkins, I have always felt safe here. I think of Hopkins as my home, though it is very different from where I grew up. The feelings of comfort, safety and belonging that I feel here supercede any of these differences. But, something startling has recently happened that has forced me to realize that Hopkins is not as free of these problems as I had thought.

The Goddess says farewell - Sports Goddess

It has come time for the Sports Goddess to say goodbye, boys and girls. There will be no more gratutious pictures of her favorite athletes bending over, no more excessive lauding of their questionable accomplishments. The Sports Goddess cannot leave, however, without telling her boys that she loves them. Todd Hundley, you are my hero. Jake Voskuhl, you are my greatest Big Man from Katy, Texas. Jason Derek Isringhausen, I hope St. Louis is good to you and my Tino . Travis Knight, you are not goofy, no matter what anyone says. Ray Allen and Richard Hamilton - you may have left UConn early, but I'll forgive you. Rickey Moore, Edmund Saunders, Souleymane - there would have been no National Championship in '99 without you guys. Derek Jeter - you are so dreamy! Shane Spencer - what a cutie. Jayson Williams - I won't forget the laughs. To all my obscure former Mets - Carlos Baerga, Butch Huskey, Alex Ochoa, Johnny O, Bernard Gilkey, Tim Burke, Todd Pratt, Ron Darling - I miss you! There's always the obligatory thanks to Dave and Ron for putting up with my ridiculous ideas. And once again - I love you Todd! All my

PrideFest has MTV, Ghandi's grandson

Think Hopkins' very own Spring Fair is the hottest affair in town? Many would argue that Philadelphia's PrideFest America rivals our Spring Fair as the center of wild and crazy fun to be had in the upcoming week.

Loss jeopardizes NCAA bid for Women's Lax

With the regular season coming to a close and the Women's Lacrosse team fighting for a bid into the NCAA tournament, the Blue Jays defeated the Hofstra Pride 15-12 last Wednesday, but then fell to George Mason 11-8 on Saturday in a loss that could have important implications on their postseason aspirations to reach the NCAA Tournament.

Crown the Lakers: it's over - Sporting Goods

A couple weeks have gone by, but we're still not done with just the first round of the NBA play-offs. It really drags on. And for some reason David Stern is talking about extending it to a seven game series next year. Lets hope not.

M. Lacrosse mauls Towson, 14-11

No. 1-ranked Johns Hopkins came away with their eighth straight victory on Saturday thanks in large part to the starting attack trio of junior Bobby Benson, freshman Peter LeSueur, and freshman Kyle Barrie. These three players accounted for ten goals and four assists, leading the Blue Jays to a 14-11 victory over Towson University in front of 3,572 people at Homewood Field.

Roots headline Spring Fair

Perhaps the most telling moment of The Roots concert this Saturday took place three-quarters of the way through their set. Having led the less-than-packed house through a number of their frenetic rap-rock numbers, they launched into an extended jam, which segued into the chords from Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water." Suddenly people were cheering louder than they had all night, or at least more of them were. Audience members started head-banging, some were even moshing. Others stopped and, I am sure, blinked. The riff became a medley leading into "Smells Like Teen Spirit," moved through a couple other familiar rock staples and culminated in a rendition of "Welcome To The Jungle." By this time the audience was almost in a frenzy. Two or three people were crowd surfing, and one was dropped.

Seven JHU students get $50k fellowship

Seven Johns Hopkins University seniors have been selected to receive the first-ever Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Fellowships, which provide up to $50,000 a year for up to six years of graduate studies in the field of their choice. The seven selected fellows from Johns Hopkins are the largest group from any one university. The JHU fellows include Rachel Breman, Suzanna Brickman, Tara Johnson, Andrew O'Bannon, Lora Pearlman, Sarah Spinner and Elizabeth Tuffiash.

MSE policy like Jim Crow

This weekend, while everyone was enjoying Spring Fair, the Johns Hopkins University resurrected Jim Crow, if only for a while. And if we looked hard enough, we could have seen that the closed door policy of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library was an answer to why there is no Department of African-American Studies, why Baltimore employees of JHU are allowed to flounder in poverty, why few African-Americans are given professorships and why there is a pitifully underrepresented African-American student population: African-Americans do not have an academic demeanor.

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