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July 8, 2020


Not enough progress - Editorial

On Sept. 6, administration members unilaterally suspended all Johns Hopkins Outdoors Club (JHOC) activities, pending a safety review by the Office of Risk Management. The move was the culmination of summer meetings between Director of Recreational Sports Bill Harrington and Director of Risk Management Lawrence Foley. JHOC members were not warned or notified until the suspension took effect in a Sept. 6 letter to the club.

Muslim community must back words with action

It's not often that I admit that I was wrong. In my last article however, I made some assumptions based on information that was available at the time, and it now seems that perhaps I was a bit too quick to accept the theories of the "experts" and may have jumped to some wrong conclusions because of this. That is not to say my premise was false. I still believe that terrorism is a significantly larger threat to the safety of Americans and the world than serial killers could ever be. I may have been wrong, however, in my conclusion that the sniper attacks were completely unrelated to terrorism.

News Briefs

Pakistani Students Association holds Ramzan dinner

Post-Bac's change the face of Medical Schools

After college, many graduates struggle to find the right career path. After pursuing different avenues, they may discover that they want to do something for which they did not take the appropiate courses in college. Facing a tough job market, many decide to apply to medical school. But for those who have yet to take their pre-med requirements like Organic Chemistry, more and more universities, including Johns Hopkins, are offering Post-bacalaureate programs. Between one and two years in length, these programs allow college graduates to fulfill all pre-med courses they did not take in college, before they apply to medical school.

Climbing Wall is peak of Rec. Center

If you're bored with your current workout routine or looking for an exercise regiment that will hold your interest, you may want to frequent the Recreation Center's climbing wall. One of the many amenities constructed as part of the new building, this wall is a substantial improvement over the wall in the old Athletic Center and has spurred a "mountain" of interest in rock climbing among students at Hopkins.

Auto Focus is picture perfect

After watching so many movies try to shock me, it was a shock of its own that the most unsettling scene I have seen in a long time is not particularly inventive and even somewhat clichZd. I didn't even notice its subtle power at first; when it bugged me after seeing it, I figured it was due more to bad direction, as it seemed uncertain whether the scene was meant to make the audience laugh or cry, than to any conscious intent of the director to give his audience goosebumps.

SLAC rallies for living wage

On Thursday, Nov. 7, the Student Labor Action Committee (SLAC) held a peaceful rally on the steps of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library to speak to the administration and the student body about workers' rights at Hopkins.

It's three's company for these brothers on the football team

If you've gotten to know the many faces at Hopkins, then you probably recognize the Kail brothers -- Ben, Zack and Jake. These three football players, all tall and well-built with Mediterranean complexions, can often be seen around campus joking with friends and enjoying the day as if therewere not a problem in the world.

Frida's blend of strengths and weaknesses is a fitting tribute to Kahlo

An artist unparalleled. A Marxist impassioned. A woman scorned. The life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is a story rife with turmoil of epic proportions. Artists respect her, feminists revere her, and pop culture idolizes her. Joining the legion of admirers is Salma Hayek, the actress whose lifelong obsession with Kahlo served as the catalyst for the making of the newly-released Frida.

Gandhi urges non-violence

Dr. Arun Gandhi, founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence and grandson of peace leader Mahatma Gandhi, spoke at the Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. in the Shriver Auditorium.

Israel's 'apartheid' should not be allowed - Non-Corporate News

Israel shares many similarities with the United States; it is, for example, the Middle East's "only democracy." But beyond its status as an "outpost of Western values," Israel shares something more ignoble with America; something that, given the more than $5 billion the U.S. sends Israel annually, should give all Americans pause: the racist vigilantism of the Old South.

Johnny Rockets won't empty your pockets

I love the Inner Harbor: good times with good friends and lots of good food. That is, of course, if you plan ahead. The Harbor Place boasts some of the finest dining Baltimore has to offer: California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, City Lights Seafood, Phillips, and that's not to mention some of the longest waits. Fine dining in Baltimore requires planning -- planning or an hour and a half to kill.

Record and Tape Traders hits the spot

It is often remarked that there is nothing fun to do or nowhere fun to shop around school. Granted, we may not live in the most lively college town in America, but if you open your eyes to the quaint surroundings known as Charles Village, you'll discover there are some pretty awesome places to check out, only steps from campus.

At Emory, swimmers sink

Coming off a strong performance at the Thomas Murphy Invitational at Loyola, the Blue Jay swim teams headed to the Emory Invitational in Atlanta with high expectations.

Ping Pong serves it up

It's Johns Hopkins' number one ranked sports team. No, it's not lacrosse, but rather the official JHU table tennis team, otherwise known as "ping-pong" to the common man. Most people have little idea that Hopkins has a very competitive table tennis team that is one of the tops in the country. But the first rule of thumb is never to call it ping-pong; it's always table tennis. With over 150 members, it's the largest collegiate ping-pong club in the nation.

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