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September 5, 2001

Last year JHUNIX, the University's oh-so-cleverly-named mail system, switched gears and finally decided to adopt a user-friendly approach with the addition of a new pop-up menu that appears at each log on.

What to do once you get sick of (or from) Terrace Court cuisine - From curried rice to Subway, Homewood's got well-priced treats for every preference.

September 5, 2001

Fed up with Terrace? Tired of Wolman dining? Have a little extra cash to blow on "real" food? Then run across the street to Tamber's Nifty Fifties for an excellent salad and milk shake. You can eat-in or go to their take-out window on the north side of the building. The salads are huge and the milkshakes are only rivaled by the ones at University Mini-Mart. And, if you ask, they'll stick cookie crumbs in your shake. Uni-Mini also has some delicious sandwiches. They have different specials throughout the week, but I've been told that the turkey with swiss on rye is to die for.

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August 21, 2001

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