Bonds' run is missing something - Sporting Goods

September 27, 2001

Whenever I think of Barry Bonds breaking McGwire's home run record, it just doesn't seem right. When McGwire and Sosa went on their amazing homer rampage in '98, it was magical. Bonds's chase this year has been lackluster at best.

Football defeated by No. 3 Bridewater, 50-27

September 27, 2001

This week's return to Homewood field for the Blue Jay football team was anything but pleasant as the Bridgewater Eagles handed them their first loss of the season, 50-27. The loss dropped the Blue Jay's record to 2-1 on the season.

Symposium hosts photo show

September 27, 2001

For the first time in its history, the MSE Symposium is hosting a free photography exhibit entitled "Headlines: Politics and the Press." It is on display until Oct. 26 on the first and second floors in the Ross Jones Building of the Mattin Center. Presented by The Baltimore Sun, the public exhibit, as a part of the Symposium's "A Nation United: Politics and Power in the 21st Century," emphasizes the influencing power of the media over historic events and the emotional reactions of Americans throughout time.

Kingsolver's sweet poison

September 27, 2001

Summer reading carries with it a strange sort of mental relief; for three blessed months, we have absolute power over what to read, how far to read and where to stop. When we carelessly graze through half a novel and toss it aside with a yawn, we are implicitly defying the textbooks, the endless reading packets that our minds are forced to plow through during semester. When we introduce ourselves to a book and then pointedly ignore it for the rest of the summer, we are essentially snubbing the writer's - any writer's - efforts to draw us into the net of his or her words.

Men's Soccer shuts out all opposition

September 27, 2001

Continuing their dominant performance of late, the Men's Soccer team secured two shutout wins this week, defeating Ursinus, 5-0 and Alvernia, 6-0. With those victories, the Blue Jays improved their overall record to 7-1 and their conference record to 3-0.

Ikea has everything under the sun

September 27, 2001

You decided to bring every piece of clothing you own with you to college to be prepared for every occasion, and most of them have made the floor in your room a distant memory. You decide that perhaps a shelf unit with drawers would be helpful. You can't live another minute without a new desk chair because the one that came with your room is giving you chronic back pain. You delight in the fact that you have a microwave without realizing that you might actually need plates on which to microwave the macaroni and cheese for which you were that you just overcharged. You're looking for a one-stop shopping haven, equipped with all you need and more. You have the typical college student bank account that might be positive depending on the last check from work over the summer. Where can you go? The answer, of course, is Ikea, the "Old Navy" of furniture. One stop at the store is an explanation in itself.

Don't take a dive off this Deep End

September 27, 2001

Like so many "independent" films being produced these days, The Deep End, directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel, is really a mainstream movie masquerading in the indie garb of its relatively obscure cast, lush cinematography and controversial subplot.

The Baltimore Quiz

September 27, 2001

Baltimore is a city without a famous shopping district, graced by no internationally-acclaimed landmarks and overrun with syphilitic prostitutes. The city was founded some 250 years ago and is still thrown into a panic whenever it gets more than a half-inch of snow. You can barely turn around without being forced to trade in your wallet for a brick to the head, and it has roaches the size of rats and rats the size of schnauzers.

The helping hand takes many forms

September 27, 2001

Shock came first. The Hopkins community began to form camps in front of T.V. sets trying to understand the events of a suddenly-solemn Tuesday morning. Students entered classes that once cancelled, released them into a different world. The same emotions ran through a thousand different minds on a thousand different campuses. Hopkins students found themselves in a world of fear and pain and frenzy, as well as a state of shock.

Imagine a blacklist: Is the Clear Channel list censorship?

September 27, 2001

When will Drowning Pool fans hear "Bodies" again? Unless they have a CD or MP3 song, it might be a while. "Bodies" is on a list of songs that have been suggested as inappropriate for airplay and most stations, whether influenced by the list or not, have shied away from bringing the song back on air.

Sigur Ros: Icelandic ingenuity

September 20, 2001

If not for Thom Yorke, would I or anyone else even know who this band from Iceland is? For many, the answer is "no," but for others, including myself, it's "who cares?" Although the Radiohead frontman gave his approval of Sigur Ros by citing them as a major influence on Kid A, the relationship between the two groups ends there, as it would seem unproductive to compare Sigur Ros to anything else out there today. This Reykjavik quartet is embarking on a U.S. tour this fall - including a stop in Washington D.C. on Sept. 25 - in support of their latest release, Agaetis Byrjun, an album of almost unimaginable beauty.