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September 25, 2020


Nest Network aims to help students find internships amid COVID-19.

Nest Network places Hopkins students in summer internships with Baltimore businesses

Nest Network, an initiative run by students from the JHU American Marketing Association (JHU AMA), is working with Hopkins and community partners to match students with internships for the summer. Nest Strategies, the marketing branch of JHU AMA, created Nest Network to address the growing concern over the cancellation of students’ summer internships due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

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Paul McHugh, former chief of psychiatry at Hopkins Hospital, believes that being transgender is a mental disorder.

Trans postdoc claims psychiatrists were biased against him

“It was one of the first graduations Ron Daniels was at. I got to shake his hand. Underneath the cap and gown, I was wearing a dress. At another graduation, I was wearing a shirt and tie. It felt full circle. At Hopkins, I had gotten a bachelor’s degree and a PhD — and a new body and soul. Everything was possible here, but on the flip side, when I followed someone else’s advice blindly, it almost killed me.” 

According to many RAs, RDs need to be better held accountable.

RAs report mistreatment under Residential Life

The RA manual now states that RAs are unable to speak directly to media outlets without permission from their supervisors. This year, seven RAs broke this rule to inform The News-Letter of ongoing systematic issues within Residential Life. Some students’ identities will remain anonymous.


SARU discussed changes to Title IX proposed by the Department of Education.

SARU hosts discussion about proposed changes to Title IX

The Sexual Assault Resource Unit (SARU) held a virtual event titled “Change in IX” on Thursday, April 30 over Zoom. The workshop explored the Department of Education’s (DOE’s) proposed changes to Title IX, as well as the current state of the law amid the pandemic.

Isaacs and Kim reflect on their accomplishments this year at The News-Letter. 

Our time as Editors-in-Chief in a year of firsts

On Wednesday, March 11, we sat together in our Gatehouse office for the last time. It was the day that the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the day after the University had suspended in-person classes. Otherwise, March 11 was like any other production night. 

Incoming SGA Executive Board prepares for budget cuts

Incoming Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Treasurer Addy Perlman announced in an email to student leaders that student groups should expect cuts in their annual Student Activities Commission (SAC) fundings. The announcement was made in light of the University-wide austerity measures and was further discussed at the final weekly SGA meeting. 


Amid COVID-19, graduate students are calling on Hopkins for greater resources.

Graduate students demand University support during pandemic

Amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, graduate students have come together to ask the University for support. In an email written by the Graduate Representative Organization (GRO), Graduate Student Association (GSA), the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Student Assembly (JHSPH SA), and Teachers and Researchers United (TRU), graduate students voiced their expectations for the University. 

Hopkins plans a virtual Alumni Weekend

Hopkins Alumni Association announced that Homewood’s Alumni Weekend will be held online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The virtual Alumni Weekend will consist of various events from Thursday, May 14 through Sunday, May 17. 

Mobtown Ballroom hosts quarantine telethon to support artists

The coronavirus’ (COVID-19) impact on the world and Baltimore has been far-reaching and all-encompassing. For artists and venues who rely on audiences and crowds to make ends meet, its impacts can be particularly drastic. However, venue Mobtown Ballroom, located in the downtown neighborhood Pigtown, has sought to help artists support themselves in a time where performance might otherwise be difficult to participate in.

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