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May 26, 2024


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.

There was a great turnout and a lot of Halloween spirit at The Nevermore Haunt!

Halloweekend, Halloween, The Nevermore Haunt Will Make You Scream

There is something about the rush of adrenaline, the chasing of the rising anxiety, that entices many. Upon discovery, it can be a bit strange, but not knowing what the future holds or what may be hiding in the dark corner of an empty room is exciting. It was this allure for the feeling of adrenaline — the pounding of the heart and blood that flows to your fingertips — that drew me to The Nevermore Haunt.

Cities after rain always show their prettiest side, though Boston’s unpredictable showers weren’t as pleasant. 

My two favorite college towns

I ran off to Boston for Fall Break. 99.9% of the reason was to visit my girlfriend, but a part of me wanted to analyze what gives Boston its reputation as the “best college town” and if it is actually better than the city that I’ve enjoyed so much in the past two years.

The crowd was full of excitement at the start of the marathon near Camden Yards. 

Running 26.2 miles around Charm City

When I stepped up to the starting line of the Baltimore Marathon, I wasn’t thinking about much. The crowd buzzed around me with excitement and the National Anthem boomed from the large speakers up front. I knew roughly what pace I was supposed to run out at, and that was about it.

Taking a stroll through the cereal and dried oats section of Trader Joe’s, you will find many fall-themed items!

Ranking Trader Joe's fall foods

This fall season, I picked out a few autumnal snacks to get me in the mood for the chilly weather. I’ve ranked them out of 10 in the categories of Taste, Value and the ever-critical Fall Vibes. Read on, and maybe you’ll feel inspired to have your own fall-themed shopping spree on your next grocery run!

A rainbow doesn’t have to be the only good thing to come out of a rainy day!

A guide to a rainy day in

It’s happened to all of us: You wake up ready to start your day, you have some breakfast, you put on a cute outfit and when you step outside, you feel raindrops on your head and realize you forgot to check your weather app. Baltimore skies are unpredictable and moody, and it’s not uncommon to find our plans suddenly canceled due to inclement weather and our days — for once — free. 

Wang visits the Saturday morning farmers market, vibrant with vendors, students and music performances.

Waverly street market: a Saturday staple

Saturday mornings are usually a great occasion to sleep in. After all, you have just survived another week of school and were probably out on Friday night far past your usual bedtime. If you somehow manage to wake up before 12 o’clock, you should visit the Waverly Farmers Market.

Bahar fills his dorm walls with mementos to make a plain room feel like his own.

Paper plates and dried flowers: How to make a memento wall

How do you make an empty room feel like home? Until I moved into Wolman 521, I never realized just how depressingly sterile blank walls are. Every dorm room is the same — the same furniture, the same cramped size and the same worn-down feeling. While the AMRs have a different atmosphere than Wolman, they all boil down to the same foundation: a room that is only temporarily yours.

The Running Club at Hopkins gathers at the starting line of the Charles Street 12.

Running down the historic Charles Street

This is one of my favorite races in Baltimore. Although I seem to say that for every race, I mean it this time. Not only does the course run by Homewood Campus (where I get a little adrenaline boost each time), but it also goes past many historic monuments in Baltimore City and Baltimore County — the University Baptist Church, the Washington Monument and the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. It finishes along the harbor and truly gives you all the best views in Baltimore.

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