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September 20, 2021


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.


Nepenthe offers flights, giving patrons the chance to sample four different beers.

Nepenthe's menu makes for a fun drinking and dining experience

Enough people have either posted on social media or talked about going to Nepenthe Brewing Company that I felt inclined to get a group together and go myself. Located right off of the Main Street in Hampden, Nepenthe offered a lively atmosphere, plenty of seating and, most importantly, awesome food and beer.

Pine recreates some of her favorite Baltimore activities while spending the semester at home.

If you miss being in Baltimore, try this at home

There may seem to be a never-ending barrage of content posted by Hopkins students who flocked back to Charles Village in early September to escape their hometowns or get the most out of their leases they couldn’t cancel. But many people (including myself) can only watch from afar.

This Los Angeles cemetery was featured in A Nightmare On Elm Street, which The Charles Theatre will screen outdoors this Saturday.

Events in Baltimore (socially distanced!) this weekend: Oct. 15-17

The Garage Sale is a curated outdoor and indoor mini-market in Remington, running on select Thursdays and Saturdays and featuring local vendors, creators and craft-makers. In order to be COVID-19-friendly, the market is outdoors on the patio and throughout the parking lot or inside the 6,500-square foot Garage at R. House. Free (but reserve space online due to COVID-19).  

Fadensonnen’s lights, tents and picnic benches all contributed to a cozy and cool vibe.

Fadensonnen's beer garden offers great drinks and even better vibes

My friends and I have become increasingly conscious of the lost months from March onward and our rapidly approaching graduation this coming May. A month ago, we finally all congregated in our East University home. This has led to a few spontaneous get-togethers as we attempt to explore new socially-distanced and outdoor venues during what may be our final year in Baltimore.  

Rudy Malcom discusses the importance of the Waverly 32nd Street Farmers Market.

The Waverly Farmers Market means more than your performance

 It’s Saturday morning. You step outside your building hungover, 15 minutes late, organic tote bag in hand. You spy two figures waiting for you. One of them sports fading blue hair. Clearly, she’s not like other girls (newsflash: she is). The other figure wears a neck gaiter (okay Miss Rona) and oversized sunglasses. She could literally be anybody. 

Mobtown Ballroom hosts quarantine telethon to support artists

The coronavirus’ (COVID-19) impact on the world and Baltimore has been far-reaching and all-encompassing. For artists and venues who rely on audiences and crowds to make ends meet, its impacts can be particularly drastic. However, venue Mobtown Ballroom, located in the downtown neighborhood Pigtown, has sought to help artists support themselves in a time where performance might otherwise be difficult to participate in.

The ricotta crostino with tapenade and parmesan was the highlight of Abrams’ meal.

Orto offers pricey carry out Italian fare during pandemic

Given the current Maryland stay-at-home order, my housemate and I have been primarily at home with each other since she returned to our off-campus house in Charles Village early last week. Our search for activities has left us on increasingly long walks, which this Wednesday included picking up Orto in Station North. 

Pasta aglio e olio is just one of the many dishes that Wu has made while social distancing.

What to do while social distancing

  The coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to many public health edicts, including social distancing and shutting down non-essential business. Many report an increased sense of social isolation amid the current crisis. So, what better than a list of suggestions for things to do to relieve cabin fever?

Restaurants across Maryland have been forced to shut down due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 strikes the local food and beverage industry

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused some of the most widespread business shutdown orders we have ever seen. On Monday, March 24, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced the closure of all non-essential businesses. The  food and drink industry has been hit particularly hard, due to its inherent challenges like low margins and large amounts of required labor.

Hip Hop Fish and Chicken provides one of Baltimore’s iconic staples.

The chicken box is the ideal Baltimore indulgence

Everyone who visits Baltimore always wants to try the seafood. My parents always want to have a Maryland crab feast when they visit town, and they always ask for the crabcakes and the Old Bay everything. But anyone on a budget who wants an equally iconic taste of Baltimore should go for a chicken box.

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