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September 30, 2023


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.

Avocado toast and a cup of tea at Dooby’s makes a great study snack.

Off campus study spots bring new experiences

Lately it feels as though the entire student body has moved into Brody. We’ve all been there: the sad moment when they announce the service desk is closing for the night and the even sadder moment when it opens again the next morning.

The Baltimore Bike Party is a great way to explore new parts of the city and meet some locals.

Beer, bikes, bluegrass: my Balti weekends

This semester has truly been a sprint to the finish. At the end of it, I graduate and leave Baltimore at least for the summer, if not longer. This comes with a lot of nostalgia. However, I haven’t gotten a chance to deal with it: I’ve been trying to enjoy my Hopkins “lasts” like my last Spring Fair, my last Outdoor Pursuits trips and events and of course the looming deadlines of my last set of final projects.

Pat Gavin cc-by-sa 2.0
Pete’s bar-only seating arrangement affords a great opportunity to feel close to the Waverly community.

Pete’s Grill offers good food, better company

I have had a standing weekly coffee date with a friend of mine for a few months now. She is a senior, and as the semester nears its end and her graduation date quickly approaches, we have tried to see each other more often to squeeze in as many fun memories as possible.

courtesy of Renee Scavone
The movie-set quality of Little Italy’s artful sidewalks make it an ideal getaway from Hopkins stress.

Little Italy provides fun in every season

Especially for those of us who stayed on campus during spring break, this time of year tends to feel a little monotonous; You can only look out the windows of Brody for so long before you go a little stir crazy.

An action shot at Nationals Park in D.C. as the Nats are up to bat.

Should you go to an O’s or Nats game?

Here at Hopkins we have an unusual and special opportunity. While it’s clear that this school’s academic and research opportunities are top notch and of course there are many other opportunities, that is not what I’m talking about.

Baby’s on Fire is located on the relatively idyllic Morton Street, not far from the bustle of North Charles.

Baby’s On Fire offers alternative to Hampden

In the spirit of searching for new potential study spaces as the end of the semester draws near and deadlines loom, this past week I went to check out Baby’s On Fire, a coffee shop and record store in Mount Vernon. Named after the Brian Eno song, it opened just last year to generally positive reviews.

A railroad yard near Fort McHenry.

How to start your walking tour of Baltimore

Perhaps the most important part of any city, for me, is its walkability. Growing up in a town with absolutely nothing to do, walking for the sake of walking was legitimately an activity, and some of my fondest memories are talks with friends on aimless walks.

Second Chance in Pigtown is full of unique, fairly priced items that come with a histories all their own.

Second Chance benefits workers and buyers

It’s housing season here on campus, and while distressed freshmen may be busy making protest shirts about the dorm lottery, sophomores are facing another distinct challenge: grown-up, off-campus housing.

 courtesy of seth stadick
XS occupies four floors and offers a menu as large as its space.

XS offers an interesting bar-café atmosphere

I tried XS restaurant/bar/café for the first time early on a Sunday morning. To be honest, it wasn’t because I’d heard much about it or because I was even particularly interested in going there. It was because the Starbucks down the street had a very long line.