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September 28, 2023


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.

Bahar fills his dorm walls with mementos to make a plain room feel like his own.

Paper plates and dried flowers: How to make a memento wall

How do you make an empty room feel like home? Until I moved into Wolman 521, I never realized just how depressingly sterile blank walls are. Every dorm room is the same — the same furniture, the same cramped size and the same worn-down feeling. While the AMRs have a different atmosphere than Wolman, they all boil down to the same foundation: a room that is only temporarily yours.

The Running Club at Hopkins gathers at the starting line of the Charles Street 12.

Running down the historic Charles Street

This is one of my favorite races in Baltimore. Although I seem to say that for every race, I mean it this time. Not only does the course run by Homewood Campus (where I get a little adrenaline boost each time), but it also goes past many historic monuments in Baltimore City and Baltimore County — the University Baptist Church, the Washington Monument and the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. It finishes along the harbor and truly gives you all the best views in Baltimore.

Staying in Baltimore for the summer? Check out our recommendations for the best things to do!

Events this summer (May – September)

We made it, Blue Jays! Classes have ended, and summer is just around the corner. For some of us, that means leaving Baltimore for a few months. For others, though, it means even more leisure time in this lovely city! If you’re sticking around over the next few months, check out these events in Baltimore. 

Take a break and blow off some steam before finals approach! 

Events this weekend (April 28 – 30)

Congratulations on finishing your last week of classes! There is a whole week until the start of finals; take this weekend to enjoy the Spring Fair and connect with the city at these great events.

HomeSlyce places second on the print night pizza ranking, with its best feature being its proximity. 

Delivery pizzas ranked

While almost nothing in the world of journalism can be certain, one key element of print nights at The News-Letter is delivery pizza. Considering our many print nights over the past year, we consider ourselves connoisseurs of pizza delivery places near the Homewood Campus. Find below our ranking of the best spots near us!

Andersson recommends you make the Walters Art Museum a stop on your itinerary. 

Your guide to a “no-spend Saturday” in Baltimore

Keeping to a tight student budget does not have to mean passing the weekend by in a void of boredom. Thanks to the wealth of free activities offered by Hopkins and the city of Baltimore, it is possible to have a meaningful day without spending a dime — it just requires some creativity. This suggested itinerary outlines a few of those opportunities to inspire your next “no-spend Saturday.”

Gonzalez recommends heading to Sherwood Gardens if you’re looking for a beautiful spot to do some work. 

The best outdoor study spots on and around campus

Spring has finally arrived in Baltimore! Tulips are blooming, birds chirp all day and bees swarm around the quad (which isn’t always my favorite thing). The sun sets later, and people can finally enjoy the sunset instead of missing it when they walk out of Brody at 5 p.m. and head to dinner. Everyone has tucked away their winter jackets and put their sandals on, presenting their “dawgs” proudly to the world! While many aspects of spring bring me joy, one of my favorites is finally being able to study outside without needing to wear four layers and fearing that my fingers will be frostbitten. 

The Friendship Archway at night.

A tale of two Chinatowns

The crisp air, the petrichor. Nothing feels quite as refreshing as rain after a hot, muggy day, which is simply a positive way to say I got caught in a heavy downpour on a Thursday afternoon and was cold and wet while on my hunt for dim sum in Chinatown.

There are lots of exciting events happening in Baltimore this weekend, especially for alumni visiting Hopkins! 

Events this weekend (April 14 – 16)

It’s Alumni Weekend at Hopkins! If you’re on campus, check out these events happening over the course of the weekend. If you want to get off campus a bit, though, explore these events happening around Baltimore! 

For $5 a person, you and your group can check out as many games as you want from the No Land Beyond game library. 

Check out No Land Beyond, Baltimore's first board game bar

Over the past three years, my roommates and I have gone through a lot of game phases. We spent many hours during our quarantined sophomore year playing Werewolf, our junior year was defined by games of chess around our dining table and we consistently play Codenames (my personal favorite) whenever we have other people over. 

Read about the ways fellow students carve out leisure time in their busy schedules. 

Hopkins students share tips and tricks for achieving a healthy work-life balance

As Hopkins students, we are all extremely busy. It seems like every week there's a new quiz, test or 10-page assignment looming over our shoulders. As a result, skipping meals and pulling all-nighters have become normalized under the “grind” mindset. While it might feel necessary — believe me, I know — creating the right study habits for a good work-life balance is essential.