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January 28, 2023

Arts & Entertainment

Joan Walsh explains "What's the Matter With White People"

Once Obama had won Ohio in 2012, everyone (besides Karl Rove) knew that he had won a second term. Ohio was so important because it represented the white working class, the people who both parties claim they represented, the people who had lost their jobs after  the 2008 economic crash. In Joan Walsh’s book “What’s the Matter With White People: Why we long for a golden age that never was,” which was published in August, she explains how the white middle class used to make up the Democratic Party after the New Deal and why they turned to the right during the Nixon era.

Bunheads brings witty banter back to TV

                                                                                              -Rachel Witkin, Editor-in-Chief

Last Week Live: Ryan Adams at the Lyric Opera House

It's not that he's bigger or better than ever; in fact, if anything, you could say he's dialed down the showmanship, the rich -- if occasionally extraneous -- band accompaniment. Instead, Adams is back to basics: a half-bare stage with one man, a microphone and a guitar at the middle of it, bathed in a soft, unwavering orange spotlight.

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