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June 22, 2024

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Your Funeral connects art and the Internet

Most people recognize that art is pretty cool. Whether we’re talking about hyper-realistic portraits and still lives that one can often find on Facebook or about some priceless works in a museum, everyone enjoys art in some way. Something else people really enjoy in this age of the all-powerful internet is memes.

 ANGELA N./cc-by-2.0
Justin Vernon of Bon Iver blends folk and electronica in latest album.

Bon Iver’s new album evokes a wintery feel

Wikipedia classifies Bon Iver’s newest album, 22, A Million, as Folktronica. That is one way to describe it I guess. I think calling it Bon Iver’s Yeezus is a more comprehensive portrayal. The cover of the album itself should reveal the reductionist, modernist step that lead singer Justin Vernon takes on this project, infusing his folk roots with a new, exciting electronic backing. The tracklist supports this view. It looks like an e. e. Cummings poem infested with inexplicable numbers and figures.

Your post-election, supermoon playlist

In the last few days, the nation has shown itself to be incredibly divided after the results of the recent presidential election. Many of Americans are in shock, while others are celebrating what they see as a return to the values that make America great.

Local rapper Son Of Nun (or S.O.N.) plays an important role in the community as an activist and musician.

Local socially conscious rapper Son of Nun talks activism

You might not know who Son of Nun is and, to be honest, neither did I until about a month ago. That is more likely a result of our personal failings as sheltered college students, though, because in both the Baltimore music scene and amongst the city’s revolutionary movements, his name carries some weight.

Courtesy of Bond St. District
Bond St. District dropped their album A Church on Vulcan last Friday.

Bond St. District pull together holy album

Bond St. District, a group made up of rapper DDm (aka Emmanuel Williams) and producer Paul Hutson, released their first full album, A Church on Vulcan, on Nov. 4. The launch party was held last Saturday at the Ottobar.

One of the groups that performed at this year’s CultureShow, the JHU Fillipino Students Association.

CultureShow brings out campus diversity

The 29th annual Culture Show, sponsored by the JHU Office of Multicultural Affairs, took place last Saturday in Shriver Hall. A celebration of the diverse roots and vibrant backgrounds of the students on the Homewood Campus, the show featured performances from many Hopkins dance and a cappella groups.

Ruthe Huang’s painting of Che Guevara was done in watercolor.

Visual Arts program supports students

As an English major, I’m often irked by people who assume I’m headed to med school to become a doctor as soon as they learn that I’m at Hopkins. Since making my final college decision during senior year, I’ve found myself in this situation all too often, and I’m sure my fellow students who make up the “arts” of Arts and Sciences would agree.

Throat Culture get laughs at new show Sketchcom

Throat Culture presented Sketchcom to a packed audience in Arellano Theater last Saturday night. The showcase was directed by junior Joshan Bajaj and sophomore Michael Feder and featured both the new and returning members of Hopkins’ only sketch comedy troupe. The 12 hilarious scenes entertained a full house of Hopkins students.

Alongside other popular Baltimore acts, Deacon performed live at the Compound on Friday evening.

Dan Deacon headlines local Halloween party

I had to fight to get into the Compound’s Halloween Party. My group and I arrived shortly after it had sold out. They were prepared to close the gates on us, and we only managed to enter after pointing to a few people departing the event and convincing the bouncer that they were exiting permanently. And so we snuck in right as the chain link fences were closing behind us.

Q&A with Gary Larsen of alternative rock band Royal Teeth

Up and coming band Royal Teeth creates music that can delight anybody. The band consists of four members, Gary Larsen, Nora Patterson, Thomas Onebane and Josh Hefner, all from Louisiana. They are currently touring with alt-rock band Rooney in anticipation of their Nov. 18 release of their new EP, Amateurs, from Round Hill Records. The News-Letter’s Hayley Bronner was able to sit down for a phone interview with singer Gary before their Baltimore concert. Here is what he had to say about touring, New Orleans and their new EP.

Rapper Tory Lanez features on Meek Mill’s DC4 with a strong verse on a track titled “Litty Again.”

Meek Mill strikes back with Dreamchasers 4

Meek Mill is coming off a horrific year. He was stuck in jail for months over a parole violation. He started a legitimate fight with Drake over a ghostwriting allegation that he backed up with hard evidence and still lost. He’s beefing with both Game and Beanie Sigel who released some vicious diss tracks (update: Game and Meek have squashed the beef) and the release date of his project was postponed by a stipulation in his probation that prohibited the release of new music.

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