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April 16, 2024

The best picnic spots on and around campus

By SYDNEY LANGER | March 10, 2024



You don’t have to look too far to find some of the best picnic spots around town!

As the blossoms flower, days elongate, birds chirp and plants invigorate, spring inches closer and closer each day. Less than 2 weeks away, the official season change is just around the corner and will likely bring sun and weather for everyone to enjoy the outdoors! Across our college campus, perhaps you’ll see companions competing in volleyball or spikeball, friends laughing on chairs set up in the quads or a hammock of their own, classmates studying outside the library or owners accompanying their eager dogs on a walk. 

With the warmer weather, there are a multitude of activities to explore. A classic and popular spring activity, you can never go wrong with a simple picnic. Here are some of the best picnic spots on or around campus! 

Keyser Quad 

Located in front of Gilman Hall, Keyser Quad is an obvious choice to picnic! Surrounded by passersby, Keyser Quad is a lively and spirited spot, but its large area allows you to experience the bustling atmosphere at a distance. So, have a fun picnic without being bothered, watch your classmates compete in a range of lawn activities or simply walk around campus. Large chairs on Keyser Quad are also great amenities, so don’t fret if you don’t have a picnic blanket! 

The Beach 

An iconic spot on Homewood Campus, the Beach invites you and your friends to claim a spot and picnic. As trees are present along the side of the beach, you can bring a hammock (and maybe a book!) to your picnic, enjoy your afternoon and say hi to your classmates as they trek up or down the beach! If you’re still there towards dusk, the beach is an incredible spot to watch the sunset as the sky explodes into colors. 


President’s Garden 

Right on campus, the President's Garden offers similar amenities to most public gardens. There is a fountain of fish surrounded by benches, and all on a land of grass just waiting for you and your friends to have a picnic and enjoy the atmosphere. Grab a picnic blanket and maybe even some homework to do after and make your way towards this spot! 

Wyman Park Dell 

Found across from Homewood Apartments, Wyman Park Dell is the perfect place to venture outside Hopkins without going anywhere far. Benches and tables serve as a wonderful picnic spot, and walking paths can be a fun post-picnic activity. This spot is also popular among owners and their dogs, so if you’re a dog lover, get ready to see a bunch of dogs, and hope you’ll even be able to play with one! Furthermore, as the season progresses, the cherry blossom trees host beautiful pastel flowers, which are absolutely beautiful.

Sherwood Gardens 

Less than a 15-minute walk from campus, Sherwood Gardens is a breathtaking sight in the spring season. With gardens of bright tulips spread throughout the greenery, Sherwood Gardens provides the perfect setting to have a picnic in — drink some iced tea surrounded by lovely and gorgeous flowers of pastel pink, cream, red, yellow and more! 

Druid Hill Park

Located 10 minutes from campus, Druid Hill Park offers various amenities, such as a dog park, a basketball court and picnic tables. The park even hosts a reservoir, and its 1.5-mile loop is extremely popular for biking, walking and running. Grab your picnic baskets and spend the afternoon eating and hanging out! 

Patterson Park

Over 130 acres, Patterson Park is considered one of the most historic and beautiful parks in Baltimore. Often recognized by the “Pagoda” — the Patterson Park Observatory — and frequently utilized by the surrounding neighborhoods for a range of events and festivities, this park is a local favorite. The park presents a range of activities including one of two public ice rinks in the city, a swimming pool, tennis courts and playgrounds. It further boasts some historical entities, such as a statue to commemorate the star-spangled banner and a row of cannons made from a mixed background of countries. It’s a 15-minute drive from campus and surrounded by lots of restaurants and dessert places, so it can easily provide festivities for a day’s exploration! 

So make yummy sandwiches, bake some heart-warming cookies, get some delicious lemonade and iced tea and find your way to one of these spots! Remember to bring some bug spray, sunscreen, utensils and a picnic blanket, and let yourself relax for an afternoon.

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