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April 16, 2024


There are many great date spots around Baltimore. You just have to know where to look!

With Valentine’s Day in the spotlight, date spots are in demand more than ever. As the semester shifts into full gear, however, it’s too easy to become fully immersed in the depths of the Homewood campus. If you’re looking for some cute date spots to take your significant other or friend, here are some of Baltimore’s hidden gems. 

Pottery Making at Baltimore Clayworks

Held biweekly on Fridays, Baltimore Clayworks offers the opportunity for a date night at the potter’s wheel. In this three-hour journey, couples learn how to use the pottery wheel and can even glaze their creations. From sharing your artistic side to being able to create and eventually bring home a finished product, you and your partner could have a cute afternoon date. You even get to keep your creations for a good storytime down the line!

Karaoke at Kong Pocha 

What better combination than that of delicious Korean food and hearing your lover sing? Kong Pocha's food is absolutely delicious, and their rooms are spacious, allowing a comfortable ambiance to both eat and sing karaoke in one meal. Sing your heart out, and don’t be afraid to let your significant other hear your voice crack here and there — it happens to the best of us.

Top Golf 

For those interested in a date consisting of friendly competition and yummy snacks, Top Golf is the place for you. It’s a fun activity, a great way to spend time with your significant other or friend and promises a fun environment filled with laughter and cheer. Play a classic game of golf, or make your childhood dream come true and let your golf ball become an actual Angry Bird. Once you’ve tired yourselves out, grab a cookie skillet and savor the sweetness with your significant other.

Charm City Clue Room

60 minutes, two people, a plethora of clues and one combined brain. With adventurous choices of Dark Carnival, Gangster's Gamble and USS Constellation, couples must work together to find their way out of the room. A bonding experience that puts your wits to the test — plus, who doesn’t love a good escape room?  

National Aquarium

Located in Inner Harbor, this popular aquarium is an obvious choice for a relaxed date night. Home to thousands of sea animals and filled with enjoyable events such as fish feeding and interacting with dolphins, the National Aquarium will make everyone feel like a kid again. Since Friday evenings are half off, the National Aquarium would be a perfect pit stop on a Friday night after dinner in the inner harbor. 

Maryland Zoo

For all the animal lovers out there, the Maryland Zoo is a wholesome date spot. You can even feed some of the animals, and interact with seals or penguins. Take a walk around Druid Lake, with only your lover by your side and, of course, all those cute animals that make you go “awwww.”

Washington D.C.

If you’re looking to explore a new place, Washington D.C. is only a train ride away! Filled with an array of pop-up shops and stores, you’ll never get bored of the vast number of experiences to explore! You could even go for a city walk, enjoying the beautiful sunset. Make sure to take advantage of the Smithsonians’ free admissions, and check out the new Bloomberg Center if you can’t stop yourself from doing homework.

Candlelit Orchestra 

Don’t let the price tag of $30 fool you! Lit by thousands of candles, this intimate setting could be your next perfect date. Surrounded by love and music, the Candelit Orchestra puts a twist on the music you know and love, played by some of the best live orchestras in the world. Imagine the Cornfield Chase in Interstellar or the best of Adele, all played right in front of your eyes. You’ll feel like the world has paused for you and your significant other, with only candlelight and music to keep you company.

With all of those cute date spots in mind, just remember what Valentine's Day is truly about. Sharing the gift of love with the one that you belong with. Or just have them pick a date spot themselves. One of you has got this.

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