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December 4, 2023

SGA discusses the development of JHPD draft policies

By KRISTEN ISALY | November 13, 2023



SGA raised concerns about the upsurge of armed robberies lately and questioned the JHPD's response to them.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its weekly general body meeting on Nov. 7. During the meeting, the Chief of Police of the Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD)and the Vice President for Public Safety Dr. Branville Bard presented the JHPD Draft Policies. He was joined by Assistant Vice President for JHU Public Safety Jarron Jackson and Senior Director for Policy, Training & Accreditation Phil Kasten. After the presentation, the three of them answered questions from SGA members on recent criminal activities and future preventative measures. 

Freshman Class Senator Jaden Williams asked if the JHPD is going to be armed in the future. Bard  replied that “officers are to use pistols when necessary, [as] outlined by the policies. When an officer has to use force, they are to calm people down and treat people with fairness. Come with the recognition that we don’t live in an ideal world; weapons are to counter and neutralize interactions.”

President of the Senate Dalhart Dobbs asked what the JHPD policy was regarding security and body cameras. Bard explained that the JHPD is authorized to use body cameras but must inform the residents of private addresses of cameras being in use. Bard clarified that this is a progressive policy and added that the public is allowed to record JHPD.

Sophomore Class President Stone Meng asked for the JHPD’s response to the recent increase in armed robberies around campus. Bard responded that JHPD has “a vast network of cameras [and is] working with (Baltimore Police Department) to piece [the footage] together. We have an off-duty police program, hiring them 24/7. There is a bit of a broken system since police officers do not have their police vehicles to efficiently help. This is why we need another dedicated program.”

In addition, Chair of Programming Shalala Leny presented the November Tabling Funding Bill. The bill was amended to change the content and amount of the merchandise being purchased.

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