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May 30, 2024

Baltimore spots to visit in fall

By YUYU HUANG | November 9, 2023



Huang provides a list of local destinations to dine, shop and relax in this fall.

While the air cools down, an undeniable warmth seeps into the heart of Baltimore. Sunlight filters through the soft canopy of park pathways, gilding the gold and amber leaves with shimmer. At farmers markets, patrons are greeted by the comforting scent of coffee and the vividness of ripe fall fruits. The city hums with fresh produce, seafood and craft wines. 

From September to November, Baltimore is alive with festivities. In this article, I've handpicked a list of eateries, farmers markets, festivals and leaf-peeping destinations to savor this lovely season. 


A widely recognized rule for foodies holds that the best time to enjoy oysters is in months containing an “r” in their names. As fall heralds some of the coveted “r” months, Baltimore, flanked by the Chesapeake Bay, transforms into a hotspot for indulging in the plump flesh of oysters. But the city’s aquatic offerings go beyond oysters — they extend to blue crabs and codfish, each peaking in flavor and texture during this period. While every seafood hub in Baltimore offers a unique taste, here are some standouts. 

Dylan’s Oyster Cellar

If you are in the mood for a cozy evening at a close-knit bar, head over to Dylan’s Oyster Cellar in the quiet Hampden neighborhood. This artsy speakeasy offers a rotating menu, ranging from crustaceans to salads of heirloom produce. Dylan's offers a blend of culinary and aesthetic joy. 


For a taste of Chesapeake heritage, Gertrude’s hits the mark. They’ve rolled out a veritable assortment of seafood entrées and vegan comforts. Adhering to the farm-to-table ethos, Gertrude’s sources ingredients right from local markets and fisheries. Their menu tempts with dishes ranging from the creamy Crab Imperial to the adeptly made zucchini cakes tinged with crab cake seasoning. As each bite tantalizes your taste buds, let the Sculpture Garden serve as your visual treat, blending art and culinary experiences. 

Additional Recommendations

Those seeking the pure flavor of seafood should head to Nick’s Fish House on the Baltimore Peninsula for its fresh offerings of steamed crabs. Meanwhile, Cindy Lou’s Fish House impresses diners with its Southern flavors and bespoke cocktails. Baltimore's seafood dining scene is a vast mosaic, but each place promises a palate-pleasing voyage. 

Farmers markets 

Other locations to quickly grasp the vibe of fall are farmers markets. Let’s go outdoors for a jaunt to Baltimore’s farmers markets. 

Waverly Farmers Market

A sensory overload awaits at Waverly every Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. throughout the year. Witness a cascade of squashes and sweet potatoes, breathe in the fragrance of spices and lavender and don’t skip the baked goods freshly prepared by local patisseries.

The Baltimore Farmers Market

Ready for a little more bustle? Don't miss the largest farmers market in Maryland, a creation of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts (BOPA), open every Sunday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., April through December. Its offerings are vast, including fresh heirloom produce, soulful treats like smoked salmon corn cakes and cinnamon rolls crowned with s’mores. Beyond food, BOPA supports local businesses and artisans. As you wander from tent to tent, let the tune of local musicians guide you and be entranced by stalls filled with handcrafted decor and other unique finds. 

Nature retreats

Mid-October through early November marks Baltimore’s golden hours. The city's sprawling parks and green spaces provide countless chances to eyeball the shift of leaves to fiery reds and oranges. Here is a list of top spots for you.


Taking a fall day to rediscover neighborhoods you thought you knew well from other seasons can be a joy. Whether it's Hampden, the Inner Harbor or Mount Vernon, each street in Baltimore seems to have a different visage with the onset of fall. As you commute between campus and your home or treat yourself to a meal at a waterfront restaurant after a hard week of studying for midterms, try to slow down and reacquaint yourself with the surroundings. Let the tapestry of color woven by the changing leaves and the glow on the pavement offer a fresh perspective. 


For those in quest of a weekend retreat, consider exploring Baltimore’s park system, where each park is brimming with lush green spaces, athletic fields, iconic attractions and thoughtfully planned events. In Druid Hill Park, you can wander along the Jones Falls Trail and bask in the thick woodlands or opt for a brisk loop around the Druid Hill Reservoir. If you're hunting for some inspiration, Patterson Park boasts an oriental-style pagoda and the Audubon Center, which provide an additional visual to leaf-gazing. For those who want to branch out from typical oaks and maples, Cylburn Arboretum, a living atlas of hundreds of tree species, is a must-see. 

Seasonal events and traditions 

Beyond vistas and the other locations listed above, this period is packed with a variety of fall-only festivals and events. If you're looking to engage with the community, local organizations host cultural festivals tied to various traditions, hobbies or businesses. For instance, Patterson Park has been hosting a Halloween lantern parade for over 20 years and a brewfest featuring 40+ local breweries and food trucks.

These suggestions only scratch the surface of how to make the most of your fall in Baltimore. Whether you're genuinely in love with fall or are simply using it as a pretext to escape from academic stress, remember to set aside some time for fun beyond schoolwork. While you may not fit every event into your agenda, I encourage you to spend 15 minutes appreciating the sidewalk foliage and take a sip of Baltimore’s fall vibes.

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