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April 14, 2024

SGA holds its first general body meeting of the year

By AIMEE CHO | September 1, 2023



In its first weekly general body meeting of the 2023–2024 academic year, SGA discussed the Board of Trustees Resolution.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its first weekly general body meeting of the year on August 29 to discuss the Board of Trustees Resolution, the Barbie At The Beach (BATB) Funding Bill, Spring 2023 Bylaws Updates and the Caucus Constitution Amendment.

Board of Trustees Resolution

Vice President Jackson Morris and Junior Class President Resham Talwar presented the Board of Trustees (the Board) Resolution that calls upon the Board to amend its system to annually nominate two faculty trustees for four-year terms as well as one graduate and one undergraduate trustee for two-year terms. Morris noted the need to better represent the University on the Board as young alumni trustees were removed from their positions in the process of reducing the number of trustees from 65 to 35 from 2010 to 2015.

  • The Board is responsible for evaluating the president, determining the president’s salary and setting the University’s long-term goals such as the Ten for One strategic plan. Morris emphasized that it is essential for the university population to be involved in the Board since it is “the group that is ultimately responsible for the direction of our institution.”
  • Junior Class Senator Brandon Benjamin asked why the prospective number of students on the Board is limited to two. Morris responded that this will be a long-term process, and they hope to include more students in the future.
  • A member of the public inquired whether the resolution would be available for public access. Senate President Dalhart Dobbs shared that it will be available on SGA’s website.
  • Talwar stated that they expect the student body to view the resolution as a favorable move as they will get greater representation on the Board. 
  • Treasurer Jenny Chen asked if there is any possibility for the Faculty Council to compose their own resolution to align with SGA. Morris answered that they plan to ask the Faculty Council to ratify the resolution to demonstrate their support. 
  • Senior Class President Rachel Huang raised the possibility of discussing the resolution with the Alumni Association. Morris said SGA hopes to after addressing the public.

BATB Funding Bill Presentation

BATB is a musical festival event organized by the Junior Class Programming Council in collaboration with WJHU Radio, the Hopkins Student Organization for Programming Events (HOP), the Sirens, the Eclectics and Alpha Phi Omega as well as Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and Kappa Kappa Gamma. Programming Council Member John Liu presented the bill to ask SGA to commit $2500 with the Junior Class Programming Council funding the rest.

  • School of Arts and Sciences Academic Senator Jaden Garcia asked whether backup plans were made in case of rain. Liu answered that tents would be set up at the Beach.
  • Sophomore Class President Stone Meng pointed to the possibility of copyright or trademark problems as the event is inspired by Barbie. The issue was resolved as the event does not involve any screenings of the movie.
  • School of Arts and Sciences Academic Senator Timothy Huang questioned where the profit of the event would go. Liu said that profit will be used to replenish the Junior Programming Council budget, since the event is open to all classes and the Programming Class Councils host their own fundraisers to fund their activities. 
  • The bill passed with majority approval.

Spring 2023 Bylaws Updates

Secretary Amy Li introduced the second reading of the Spring 2023 Bylaws Update Bill, initially formed in April.

  • The bill passed unanimously.

Caucus Constitution Amendment

Senior Class Senator Mufasa Cruz Moreno presented the Caucus Constitutional Amendment which proposes changes to the SGA Constitution that aim to increase the voice and improve the membership and work of the caucuses.

  • Cruz Moreno clarified that SGA executives and advisors will determine participation in caucus meetings and participation is not limited.
  • Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Caucus Senator Daniel Park asked whether progress was made in working with constituent groups. Cruz Moreno responded that they would “make nominations via constituent group recruitment”.
  • The motion passed unanimously.

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