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June 15, 2024

Must-have websites for freshman year

By ARUSA MALIK | August 30, 2023



Malik lists some useful websites Hopkins students should have in their back pockets.

College is a fast-paced and information-packed environment where it's easy for students to fall behind if not properly prepared. However, in the age of the internet where information is at our fingertips, there is nothing you can't find, learn or utilize online. Here are eight helpful websites you may find helpful during your time in college. Don't forget to bookmark them!

To begin, here are some Hopkins-specific websites that may — scratch that — will definitely be of use.

Student Information System (SIS)

From billing to course registration, SIS will be your go-to website for information pertaining to your journey at Hopkins. It’s important to check SIS regularly, as alerts regarding incomplete information or necessary action will pop up. (Tip: Before class registration, always make sure your alerts are clear. Otherwise, you will be blocked from signing up for classes on time!)

Room Reservations

Whether you are working on a late-night paper or completing that dreaded lab report, a quiet study space will come in handy! Save the Brody Learning Commons and Milton S. Eisenhower Library room reservation page to ensure easy access to study rooms and quiet reading room seats when you need them the most. Rooms are typically made available on the website 48 hours prior. Type “JHU library reserve a room” into your browser to find the site. Make sure you hurry as rooms fill up quickly!

Teacher Course Evaluations

At the end of every course you take at Hopkins, you will be required to complete a survey to share information about the course and provide feedback. The survey results are conveniently posted online for Hopkins students to access. This is the perfect resource when determining if you should or shouldn’t take that extra class. Comparing ratings and understanding what students score in the class may just make your decision easier. To access this, simply search “JHU course evals” in your web browser.


Daily menus of what is available at the various dining locations on campus can be found here. All you need to do is search “JHU dining hall menus,” select the Nutrislice website and enter “Johns Hopkins” in the search bar. A list of all the locations and their most up-to-date menu will appear. This is a great resource to check out if you like planning your meals or strive to eat a variety of foods.

Next is a list of general websites that are helpful for college students. These are particularly useful for both academic work and extracurriculars.


Sometimes you will come across a situation where you need to jot down a note, but you don’t have any sticky notes or paper with you. A simple notepad website bookmarked to your computer is the perfect place to put down thoughts or ideas without having to use space in your Google Drive or find a piece of paper and a pencil. On RapidTables, simply scroll down to the “Tools” subheading, and select “Online notepad.”


Whether you’re a Writing Seminars major or a Biomedical Engineering major, you will be required to write during your time at Hopkins. This quick and easy grammar-checking website can help rid your paper of small flaws. Make sure you look over any recommended changes to see if they make sense (hey, sometimes computers can be wrong), and ensure that using software like this does not violate any of your assignment’s policies. Check out Writer to check your grammar for free!


In a world where Canvas is our classroom, you may deal with a variety of document types. PDF editors can allow you to edit any downloaded PDFs to fit your needs. No need to purchase Adobe Acrobat or any other editing software, PDF24 has you covered!


Canva is a great tool for anything relating to digital design. Whether you need to create an Instagram post for an organization you’re in or print a fyer for an upcoming show, Canva has you covered. This website has various user-friendly templates that can be edited for your use.

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