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September 28, 2023

SGA outlines executive branch plans for spring semester

By HELEN LACEY | February 9, 2023



SGA unanimously passed the Liaison Program Bill.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its weekly general body meeting on Feb. 7 to discuss recommendations for the executive branch, the SGA Accessibility Standards Bill, the SGA Bill for South Asian Mela, the Hopkins Got Talent event plans and the Student Services Liaison Program Act.

Recommendations for the executive branch

Sophomore Class President Ryan Chou presented a set of recommended actions for the executive branch during the spring semester. He stated that the actions should take one to one and a half months to complete. 

  • Chou stressed that most of the recommendations are flexible and many are already in progress, adding that “the intent of the list is really just to solidify timeline for each [action].”
  • The recommended actions are measures that are constitutionally mandatory or will increase transparency. 
  • Recommended actions included completing judiciary, parlimentarian and Policy Research and Development Commission appointments; reconnecting with the Committee on Student Elections and The News-Letter; updating guides and legislative documents; sending passed resolutions to designated recipients and updating financial information and the SGA website.
  • Sophomore Class Senator Jackson Morris stressed the importance of having a fully updated website ahead of any meetings between SGA and the Board of Trustees.

SGA Accessibility Standards Bill — first reading

Junior Class Senator Ireland Parrish and Secretary Elaina Regier presented the SGA Accessibility Standards Bill. The bill intends to make SGA a more accessible environment for members and non-members.

  • “[SGA is] going to make sure [our] events are in physically accessible locations,” Parish said. She claimed that these venues would also provide adequate lighting and seating, among other measures.
  • Regier added that SGA will release detailed event itineraries ahead of time so interested attendees may prepare in advance.
  • President Breanna Soldatelli acknowledged that SGA accessibility measures have not been up to standard. “Inter-SGA, our accommodations aren’t great. I know when we had the retreat, there was mandated public speaking for people, which their accommodations from school don’t let them do,” she said.
  • Sophomore Class Senator Dalhart Dobbs asked if there would be any repercussions for hosting events not up to accessibility standards. Regier responded that disciplinary marks against SGA members may be used.

SGA Bill for South Asian Mela — first reading

Senior Class Senator Alaa Fadlalla introduced senior Tasfia Hussain as a representative of the Pakistani Students Association, the Bangladeshi American Student Association and the South Asian Students at Hopkins to outline the funding requirements to host a mela.

  • Hussain explained that a mela is a festival and celebration to celebrate South Asian culture, adding that a South-Asian mela has never been done at Hopkins. 
  • Hussain emphasized that “the biggest part of the mela will be the food because food is integral to any community.”
  • The bill requested $3,914.60 to help fund the event. Hussain added that the organizations may recuperate some of their expenses with ticket sales.
  • Morris asked if Hussain had filled out an event request for money, and Fadlalla clarified that the event request had not yet opened.
  • Soldatelli recommended a meeting with the SGA advisor to further discuss funding plans for the event.

Hopkins Got Talent Event Plans and SGA Hopkins Got Talent Funding Bill — first reading

Chou introduced sophomore representative Ashish Nalla, who explained plans for a talent show with prizes for interested students. 

  • Nalla expressed hope for the event’s success. “We have dance teams, we have vocal groups and we have individual performers who would like to showcase their talents,” Nalla said.
  • Nalla presented plans for an interest form, auditions, advertising and a budget breakdown
  • Junior Class Senator Jenny Chen noted that SGA cannot fund cash prizes, and Nalla responded that they will fund Barnes & Noble’s gift cards instead.
  • Freshman Class President Stone Meng called attention to the fact that the proposed date is the same day as the freshman formal. Chou stated he will consider changing the date.
  • Soldatelli mentioned that last semester’s Hopkins Got Talent event had very low turnout. She suggested SGA move the timeline back so students could have more time to prepare for auditions and therefore be more likely to participate. Nalla responded that the proposed dates are flexible. 

Student Services Liaison Program Act

Morris introduced the Student Services Liaison Program Act, which intends to improve the efficacy of the Committee on Student Services.

  • The bill passed unanimously.

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