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December 6, 2023

First 811 students of the Class of 2027 admitted through Early Decision rounds

By AIMEE CHO | February 19, 2023



Incoming students spotlight research and social opportunities as reasons to apply to Hopkins.

The University admitted 278 students to the Class of 2027 through the Early Decision II (ED II) round on Feb. 17. The newly accepted cohort joins the 533 students that were accepted in December through the Early Decision I (ED I) cycle. This is the third year that Hopkins has offered an ED II cycle in addition to ED I and Regular Decision.

In an email to the News-Letter, admitted student Angela Guo described the moment of finding out she had been accepted from the ED II round. 

“I was super nervous since the time the decision was released, [which] was right after my last class ended,” she wrote. “I opened it right at three, and I remember [my teacher and I] both started shouting and freaking out. It was super emotional, and I’d relive that moment again and again.”

Armaan Bahl, who was admitted in the ED I cycle, has a different story of learning about his acceptance. In an email to The News-Letter, Bahl shared that he was asleep when the decision came out.

“Five minutes later though, I actually woke up and then I really processed the acceptance,” he wrote. “I instantly called my mom and dad and was absolutely elated. I was super grateful and honestly relieved that my college application process was done.”

Accepted through the ED II round, Maria Orzuna highlighted that the opportunity to interact with professors and medical professionals was one of the driving forces that led her to commit to Hopkins.

While her academic focuses are in the sciences, as she plans to study Biology and Neuroscience, Orzuna also hopes to join art programs and clubs at Hopkins to further her passion for art, explore museums in Baltimore and showcase her pieces. 

In an email to The News-Letter, Orzuna revealed her excitement to be part of the “I’m First” program, an organization dedicated to supporting first-generation and/or limited-income students in college. 

“[The I’m First Program] will add volume to my voice that has constantly been muted,“ she wrote. “This program offers a number of options such as connecting with alumni like Senior Lecturer Julie Reiser, who came from a non-academic household and had to navigate the college application process on her own.”

In an email to The News-Letter, Leo Li also expressed his delight at receiving his acceptance into Hopkins after months of stress throughout his college application journey.

“Honestly, I'm still in shock. I had absolutely no confidence that I would get in, yet I did, proving that dreams really do come true,” he wrote. 

Li asserted that he chose to apply through ED II, which is a binding process, because of the intellectual diversity and supportive environment at Hopkins. 

Bahl, who hopes to study Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering alongside Jazz at the Peabody Institute, stated that Hopkins was his top choice due to the presence of both fantastic research facilities and phenomenal music programs.

Outside of campus, Bahl voiced his excitement to explore Baltimore’s food and jazz scenes.

“Baltimore and Washington D.C. have an amazing gig scene for rising musicians, and I cannot wait to interact with upcoming jazz stars in our area,” he wrote. “Hopkins gives me the platform to explore all of my interests, from philosophy to culinary arts. I am super excited and can't wait to meet the rest of my Blue Jay peers!”

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