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September 25, 2023

Dinner and dessert inspiration for this Valentine's Day!

By LEELA GEBO | February 8, 2023

PUBLIC DOMAIN Check out these Blue Jay-recommended spots this Valentine's Day!

Whether you are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other or with friends, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Feb. 14 is rapidly approaching! If you’re still in need of Valentine’s Day plans, you’re in the right place. I’ve searched for all the Baltimore Valentine’s Day recommendations the internet has to offer and compiled a list that incorporates what your fellow Blue Jays have to say about these romantic spots! 


Birroteca, 1520 Clipper Road

Located in an old stone mill, Birroteca promises a unique ambiance for your Valentine’s Day dinner. This spot is perfect if you’re looking for a memorable yet not-too-fancy meal. Beer connoisseurs, in particular, will enjoy the restaurant’s extensive craft beer list. 

In previous coverage from The News-Letter, the seating was described as cozy and private, which lends itself well to an intimate date night! 

The Brewer’s Art, 1106 N. Charles St.

This restaurant and brewery is housed in an old mansion, which means that your dining experience will be accentuated by vintage bookshelves and marble fireplaces. Located in Mt. Vernon, the cozy ambiance of this spot is perfect for an upscale, intimate evening. 

If you’re looking to order food, the rosemary fries come recommended! 

La Tavola, 248 Albemarle St.

If you’re looking for a romantic ambiance without spending a lot of money, La Tavola could be the spot for you! This Italian restaurant in Little Italy is known for its fresh seafood dishes, and Yelp reviewers describe the spot as romantic. 

According to previous coverage from The News-Letter, La Tavola is the place to go if you want high-quality food on a smaller budget! 

Byblos Lebanese Cuisine, 1033 Light St. 

This is another casual Valentine’s option — as the restaurant’s website says, “This is not fancy dining.” It is, however, a cozy spot great for good conversation and good food. If your Valentine is a fan of art, this could be a great spot as one of the owners sells their art from the restaurant!  

The Maza Platter comes recommended for those who want to try a variety of things! 


For a sweet tooth like myself, everyone knows that the best part of Valentine’s day is the desserts! Whether you are a fan of chocolates, candy hearts or one of the countless other goodies that are currently lining the red-and-pink candy aisle of CVS, here are some sweet treat recommendations to end your night. 

Dangerously Delicious Pies, multiple locations 

Though I’m typically not a pie-lover, the Dangerously Delicious Pies menu has me reconsidering. They offer savory pies, fruit pies, chocolatey pies, cream pies and even pancake pies; there’s enough variety that everyone is sure to find something they will enjoy. The Baltimore Bomb, one of their specialty pies, features Berger Cookies, a chocolately Baltimore staple (and one of my favorite cookies ever). 

The pies come highly recommended, as do the vibes. I can’t think of a better spot for a Valentine’s Day dessert! 

Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop, multiple locations

Check out this Baltimore-based pastry shop in Little Italy for a variety of Italian dessert options. The cannolis have received rave reviews, as well as their gelato-based specialties. The Little Italy location closes at 8 p.m., so make sure to wrap up dinner early if you want to head here for dessert! 

Blowfish Poke & Grill, Cross Street Market 

Although your first thought when you think of dessert is probably not a poke place, Blowfish Poke’s mochi donuts come highly recommended by current Editor-in-Chief Michelle Limpe. If you’re in the Federal Hill area for dinner, stop by the Cross Street Market for a post-dinner treat! 

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