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June 18, 2024

The best study destinations for finals

By TANVI NARVEKAR | December 11, 2022



Narvekar suggests the best study settings for finishing up your semester's work, including local cafe Bird in Hand.

Happy finals season! If you’re like me, you’ve probably been spending most of your day studying or working on papers. For me, where I work really matters. I try to work in my room as little as possible, simply because I get tired and distracted. As a senior, I think I know all the best study spots by now.

Reading room in Brody Learning Commons

The reading room is probably my default study space. It’s one of the best places for silence but company. It’s pin-drop silent, making it one of the best places to do readings and study for exams. Even if you don’t know the people sitting at your table, seeing them work helps keep you motivated. One downside is that the Brody reading room can feel crowded and stuffy at times. It can get very hot, so I would recommend layering.

Especially when you’re working late at night, the Brody reading room is a great place to have company and not feel lonely. Other benefits include the two outlets at every seat and the comfy chairs. (Pro tip: Get a hot chocolate as a companion study drink).


The Hutzler Reading Room in Gilman

The reading room in Gilman is also pin-drop silent. However, it is more spaced out than Brody’s reading room. The Gilman reading room is also prettier. In my opinion, though, the Gilman reading room is a bit better for day studying instead of night. At night, it gets a bit too quiet for me. If that’s what you like though, it’s a great option! The tables have outlets, but they can be a bit unreliable. 

Bird in Hand

If you need a break from campus for a bit, I would go to Bird in Hand right across from Scott-Bates Commons. Bird in Hand is a super cute cafe with good coffee! They do play music, which can make it a difficult place to do intense studying. However for light work, Bird in Hand can feel like a refreshing break. Unfortunately, seating is limited and there are no outlets, so bring your devices charged.

A random classroom

If you prefer to study alone but out of your room, the best option is to find an empty classroom. All classrooms should be open, considering that classes have ended and should be accessible for use! This is also a great option to work on group projects if a Brody study room is not available.


George Peabody Library 

The bottom floor of the George Peabody Library in Mount Vernon is now open. To get there, you can take the JHMI shuttle and get off at the Mount Vernon/Peabody stop. It’s an insanely gorgeous place to work in. It is silent for the most part, but visitors may walk through the library and talk in the background. There are very few outlets, so it’s best to bring devices charged. Another downside is that there is limited seating. If it doesn’t have seating, Dooby’s is a cafe right around the corner that is great for work!

Mudd Hall

Mudd Hall is also relatively quiet. It’s not as silent as the reading rooms, but it usually has fewer people. Mudd Hall is like the Gilman reading room in the sense that it is better during the day instead of the night. It can get a bit scary at night, but it’s not bad. There are a good amount of outlets on the walls.

Hope this helped! Good luck studying, and take lots of breaks.

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