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September 30, 2023

SGA prepares Public Safety Survey

By HELEN LACEY | October 13, 2022



SGA members drafted a survey to help them better understand student opinions on the JHPD and public safety.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its weekly general body meeting on Oct. 11 to discuss public safety and the Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Haunted House Bill.

Public Safety Survey and Email

Senior Class President JiWon Woo presented the Public Safety Survey, an anonymous survey intended to provide SGA with a better understanding of undergraduate opinions on the Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD) and public safety on campus. Junior Class Senator Harvey McGuinness also presented the Public Safety Email, which will be sent to the student body to request their responses to the Public Safety Survey.

  • Woo added that SGA has been working on creating the survey for over a month.
  • In response to SGA members' concerns that SGA would not have the ability to effect meaningful change to the implementation of JHPD, McGuinness emphasized that “as drafted, the email does not make any statements on whether or not we can try to change the [implementation of JHPD], just that we are going to try to make it better for the community as a whole.” 
  • Vice President Kobi Khong stated that, while the email uses unbiased language, SGA maintains its position established in 2019 of standing against the JHPD’s implementation. Khong noted that the email’s unbiased language is essential so administrators do not question the validity of the survey results.
  • Sophomore Class Senator Jackson Morris questioned if SGA should consider passing a new resolution focusing on accountability measures due to the JHPD’s recent developments. He stated, “the [2019] resolution is from a while ago, and it was opposing an implementation of JHPD. At this point, I would argue it’s being implemented.” 
  • Sophomore Class Senator Dalhart Dobbs suggested that the survey also include a “Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR)” summary since students tend not to read long emails.
  • Sophomore Class President Ryan Chou responded to Dobbs' concern, stating that “TL;DR felt too informal for this type of email.” Chou clarified that SGA will be providing an email summary in the form of an “Action Item.”
  • Woo stated that SGA aims to send the email to the student body next week.

AEPi Haunted House Bill

Senior Class Senator Sophie Liu and President Breanna Soldatelli presented the AEPi Haunted House Bill, which establishes co-sponsor funding for the AEPi “Murder at the Mansion” philanthropy event. The event is scheduled for Oct. 30 from 7 – 10 p.m at the AEPi house.  

  • SGA will spend $400 of total funding towards candy, decorations and costumes for actors.
  • Soldatelli explained that the event “is a really good way to foster connections between SGA and fraternity and sorority life.” 
  • Entry to the haunted house will cost $5 and all money raised will be donated to Save a Child’s Heart.
  • The bill passed unanimously.

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