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April 17, 2024

SGA members withdraw plans for Heritage Night due to time conflicts

By ROWAN LIU | October 1, 2022



SGA decides to support the cultural events of other student organizations instead of hosting their own.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its weekly meeting on Sept. 27 to discuss the withdrawal of the SGA Heritage Night, the Presidential Appointment Amendment and the Instagram Raffle Bill.

Heritage Night

Sophomore Class President Ryan Chou explained that the projected date of SGA Heritage Night, which was Friday, Nov. 11 or Saturday, Nov. 12, would have coincided with cultural events from other school organizations. Chou stated that their best course of action was to withdraw the event. 

  • The event would have included a heritage dance party workshop and a heritage dish competition.
  • A Roast Off by the Puerto Rican Student Association and a Culture Fest hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs will be hosted the weekend SGA had projected for Heritage Night to occur.
  • Chou said, “We thought it might be better if SGA supported those events rather than pulling attention away.”
  • Chou added that possible alternatives for SGA to engage in school cultural events are co-sponsorships and event planning assistance.
  • Chou noted that the estimated cost breakdown of how much the co-sponsorship for each event will be has not been determined yet.
  • Vice President Kobi Khong agreed with the sentiment to aid other cultural events, stating “We want to support our students, so if there’s an event we want to make sure that the best way that we can get involved is by helping rather than by having our own events.”

Presidential Appointment Amendment

Chou presented the Presidential Appointment Amendment which would codify a class president’s ability to appoint and direct representatives to the president’s offices.

  • Class presidents can currently exercise this ability to appoint and direct their own representatives. Chou saw the benefit of officially recognizing this ability in writing, saying, “It’s for the reference of future generations.”
  • The bill was tabled to be read again at the next general body meeting. 

Instagram Raffle Bill

Chou presented the Instagram Raffle Bill to fund the merchandise for an Instagram Raffle on the SGA Instagram account.

  • Senior Class President JiWon Woo motioned to amend the price of merchandise from $11 to $16 and change it from keychains to plushies. The amendment passed unanimously.
  • The bill passed unanimously.

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