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April 14, 2024

SGA meets with CSE to prepare for spring elections

By ROWAN LIU | October 28, 2022



SGA members weighed the pros and cons of mandatory info sessions for all candidates.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its weekly meeting on Oct. 25 to discuss the Committee on Student Elections (CSE), the Wellbeing Fair Event, SGA’s Communications and Marketing Commission (CMC) and the Cotton Candy Machine Funding Bill.

CSE Presentation

Sophomore Class President Ryan Chou invited Mimi Mensah, Chair of CSE, to present on CSE’s plans for this spring’s SGA election season. The CSE is a semi-independent body within SGA that regulates all SGA elections. 

  • Mensah explained that election candidates must attend a mandatory in-person info session. Some of CSE’s goals include increasing the competitiveness of the elections and voter engagement through meet and greets and modified voting times.
  • Sophomore Class Senator Brandon Benjamin encouraged easing freshman representatives into SGA meet and greets. “It’d be beneficial to try not to rush the freshmen into SGA as soon as possible. I think we should have them get more acclimated,” he said.
  • Chou believes more communication between SGA and CSE will be beneficial for both organizations.
  • Sophomore Class Senator Jackson Morris questioned if in-person info sessions were necessary for candidates thinking of campaigning for SGA positions. Morris noted that candidates that are disqualified for not attending info sessions would reduce candidate choices.
  • Mensah will raise Morris’ concern to the CSE to find a way to make info sessions more accessible. She emphasized that “[info sessions] are mandatory, but we do also run different ones that are flexible at different times.”
  • Benjamin suggested holding at least one virtual info session as a middle ground between all in-person sessions and no required sessions. 

Wellbeing Fair Event Report

Junior Class Senator Rachel Huang presented the Wellbeing Fair Event Report. Health Promotion and Well-Being and the Student Health and Wellness Center invited the SGA Health, Safety, and Sustainability Committee to attend the Wellbeing Fair on Oct. 12. 

  • 1089 people attended the Wellbeing Fair. SGA representatives only engaged with a small portion of attendees, since they were not present for the entire event. 
  • SGA learned that students want more clean plates in dining halls, hot water, fresh food and coffee chats with SGA.
  • In the future, SGA plans to participate in more similar events and collaborate with more departments and organizations.
  • Huang urged SGA members to attend more tabling events in the future. “This is a way for you to talk with your constituents who actually elected you and allows you to get feedback,” she said.

CMC Presentation Report

Secretary Elaina Regier and Director of Social Affairs Milton Diaz described the activities of CMC. CMC’s goals this year include increasing its members from seven to 12, improving transparency and interest in SGA through social media and consistently creating high-quality monthly Instagram posts.

  • President Breanna Soldatelli asked if CMC has any funding. Regier replied that they do not. 
  • Morris suggested allocating a $300 budget to CMC.
  • Chou encouraged more back-and-forth dialogue between The News-Letter and SGA to better gauge what students are thinking around campus.

Cotton Candy Machine Funding Bill

Freshman Class President Stone Meng, Freshman Class Senator Amy Li and Freshman Class Senator Alisa Fedotova introduced the Cotton Candy Machine Funding Bill. The bill proposes that purchasing a cotton candy machine for $200 to $250 will ultimately be cheaper than spending $65 to $100 to rent a machine each time for future events.

  • Morris inquired about the cost of the cotton candy itself. Meng replied it would be an additional $20 to $30.
  • Chou cautioned SGA that there may not be enough storage for the cotton candy machine. Morris suggested using the storage closet in Levering Hall.
  • Junior Class Senator Mufasa Cruz Moreno asked how SGA would ensure people will maintain and properly use the machine. Meng responded that they would train people to use it, stating that it’s fairly easy to learn.
  • Vice President Kobi Khong added that SGA could let other student organizations use the machine.
  • The Cotton Candy Machine Funding bill passed unanimously. 

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