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February 21, 2024

SGA finalizes Public Safety Email

By HELEN LACEY | October 20, 2022



Some SGA members expressed concerns about the timeliness of the Public Safety Email.

SGA finalizes Public Safety Email

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its weekly general body meeting on Oct. 18 to discuss the Public Safety Email, plans for a Hopkins Got Talent event and an event report from SGA on the Quad.

Public Safety Email

Vice President Kobi Khong presented the Public Safety Email, which will be sent to the student body to garner opinions on public safety and the Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD).

  • Sophomore Class Senator Jackson Morris expressed that the email needs to be proofread before it is sent to the student body, stating that “we want it to be as professional and as grammatically correct as possible.”
  • Freshman Class Senator Sean Li motioned to remove a clause from the email that stated there was a lack of communication from administrators, noting that it might imply a bias against administrators.
  • Treasurer Kya Nicholson countered Li’s suggestion, stating that “[SGA] tell[s] administrators the problems that students experience.”
  • Sophomore Class Senator Jenny Chen supported Nicholson’s position, adding that “there was a lack of communication; administration can also recognize that.” 
  • Morris also found the statement about a lack of communication from administrators troublesome, namely because administrators do send email communications, but the problem is that students feel left out in terms of decision-making.
  • Nicholson urged fellow SGA members to focus less on the email's wording and more on sending it in a timely manner. She added that the JHPD Memorandum of Understanding is currently sitting with the Baltimore city council.
  • Khong echoed Nicholson’s sentiments and noted that SGA has been drafting the email for eight weeks.
  • Junior Class Senator Mufasa Cruz Moreno agreed with Nicholson and Khong. He emphasized that “it’s more than enough to just get the statement across and have people participate in the survey... we’re doing too much with too little time.”
  • Although emails do not need to be voted on for approval, Morris motioned for a vote to get a record of senate opinion.
  • The email was unanimously approved. 

Hopkins Got Talent

Ashish Nalla, representative of the SGA Office of the 2025 Class President, presented a plan for an SGA-hosted talent show. The event is slated for March and will be open to the entire student body.

  • Nalla stated that the event would have a budget somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 and that it would likely take place in Shriver Hall.
  • Nalla emphasized that the plan is still a work in progress. “This is not super fleshed out, but hopefully over the course of the semester I can get more details.”
  • Sophomore Class Senator Dalhart Dobbs raised concerns about holding the event in Shriver Hall because it is frequently fully booked. Dobbs also questioned Nalla’s suggestion that SGA would be able to employ an America’s Got Talent judge for the event.
  • Nalla responded that while it may be challenging to find a judge, a former performer from the show could also work.
  • President Breanna Soldatelli pointed out that there’s already a Hopkins Got Talent event being hosted this fall as a United Way fundraiser.

SGA on the Quad

Nalla provided a brief recap of the SGA on the Quad event from Oct. 7. The event was largely successful and brought in over 350 registered attendees.

  • Nalla added that many who attended did not register and that the turnout was likely closer to 500.
  • SGA managed to stay below its target budget of $3,000 for the event.
  • In terms of feedback, Nalla stated that future events could play more music and have a more organized volunteering schedule.

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