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March 29, 2023

Hoptoberfest's showstopping food trucks hit the mark

By KAYLA RABEY | October 12, 2022



Rabey reviews her food from the Mexican On The Run and Quinn's Ice food trucks, including the delectable carnitas pork tacos.

With heavy rains, cold mornings and overcast skies, fall season has officially begun! Along with these weather changes came the start of Hoptoberfest at Hopkins. The first event of the celebration, the Hoptoberfest Kickoff, involved food trucks, blow-up activities and t-shirts at the Recreation (Rec) Center. 

While the games and activities were an absolute blast, the food trucks were what really hit home for Hopkins foodies! Hopkins hosted two food trucks for the festivities: “Mexican On The Run” taco truck and “Quinn’s Ice” ice cream truck. 

Decked in a bright green coat of paint and a large side logo, Mexican On The Run was impossible to miss. With tickets running out fast, I rushed to grab a taco truck meal ticket and jump in the line.

The simple menu of the truck was highly appealing to me as a wildly indecisive person, especially when it comes to deciding what I want to order. Restaurants with pages-long menus are a stressful nightmare for me! 

The menu for the event consisted of two flour tortilla tacos with your choice of meat: chicken, steak, carnitas pork or veggie. Then students had the freedom to put whatever toppings they desired from a condiments table just outside the truck. I admired the inclusiveness of the menu for vegetarians, especially with the ability to customize toppings. 

After waiting in line for 20 minutes with my roommate, with both of us pretty hungry, we finally made it to the ordering window. I ordered the carnitas pork tacos and my roommate ordered the chicken. Within two minutes, we were handed our tacos and made our way to the toppings table. There I decked mine out with onions, cheese, regular salsa and a little sprinkle of cilantro for the aesthetic (even though I don’t like it). 

Satisfied with our loot, my roommate and I took a seat on the steps of the Rec Center to devour our tacos. I cannot say enough to describe how truly incredible these were. Whether it be from the warmth of the tortilla, flavor of the carnitas, freshness of the toppings or our persistent hunger, I found these to be the best tacos I have had in the longest time. I would even go as far to say they were the best tacos I had ever had. 

The flour tortillas held their own without getting soggy or falling apart. The carnitas were a perfect balance of juicy and flavorful without being too saucy. And the condiments on top provided the perfect crunch and freshness to pull together the whole taco. 

My roommate gave me her unquestioned agreement. She was just as obsessed with her chicken tacos, and she praised the salsa verde she had put on hers.

Walking away happy and full, we looked at the Mexican On The Run stamp card given to us with the tacos and each agreed to seek this truck out again. I would seriously go across town to have them again, and their full menu online looks all the more incredible.

After the savory goodness of the carnitas tacos, I was ready for a dessert to complete our dinner. Quinn’s Ice’s pale-pink truck provided a wonderful ice cream shop vibe to the front of the Rec Center, and the line was rapidly growing. 

Despite sweater weather rolling in, the ice cream from Quinn’s Ice was a great way to celebrate the sunny days following an early week of rain. As students were able to enjoy the last remnants of summer with a cup of ice cream, many conversed and enjoyed the indoor activities in the Rec Center. 

Serving lactose-free soft serve in order to include all lovers of the sweet treat, Quinn’s Ice was a hit with the Hoptoberfest attendees, with a line wrapping all around the front of the Rec Center. 

Made with organic vanilla-flavored rice milk, the ice cream boasted the sweet vanilla and chocolate flavors of normal ice cream but with a more frozen texture. Overall, it was a great dessert to complement the extraordinary tacos and was perfect to satisfy the excited students at Hoptoberfest. 

I finished my vanilla soft serve cup happy and glad I got the chance to try these delicious mobile food trucks. To anyone looking for a quick and amazing lunch or dinner as we move into the busy midterm season, keep an eye out for these incredible trucks around the Baltimore area!

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