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June 18, 2024


In anticipation of The News-Letter’s return to print, Limpe and Gahagen discuss the paper’s production history.

The return to “normal” has been gradual for all, The News-Letter included. The pandemic forced us to move our print publication, a tradition on campus for over 120 years, to a fully online, daily production with our last print edition published on March 12, 2020.

Last year, we returned to the Gatehouse, our cozy office on campus, and our staff finally got to work together in person after spending a year operating remotely. As part of that transition, the paper reintroduced print magazines to campus, laying the groundwork for this year’s eventual return to print papers.

We’re excited to see students and professors alike lounging in Brody Cafe or Gilman Atrium, indulging in the nostalgia of reading a print edition and conversing over the myriad articles with the vague annoyance of ink-smudged fingers. 

Although we’re bringing the tradition of print back to campus, we are modifying some aspects to adapt to the modern era of journalism. Starting off, print copies of the paper will be distributed around campus on Thursday afternoons, but this time on a bi-weekly basis — which is actually the original schedule from when the paper was founded in 1896. Alongside this, we will continue to publish articles daily on our website in order to maintain timely publication. 

We are also conscious of the environmental impacts of distributing a paper. Being mindful of sustainability, we are printing fewer pages per edition, publishing half as often and reducing the amount of copies we order (which means readers should make a point of grabbing one ASAP — as if you wouldn’t already). Additionally, if you so choose to dispose of your paper, keep in mind newsprint is compostable!

Our campus also looks different compared to the last time we distributed a print newspaper. With the Mattin Center gone and buildings now occupied by different offices, we have modified our distribution route in order to reach our readers best — even President Daniels will receive a special hand-delivered copy to his doorstep. So make sure to stop by the bins at the library and Levering or grab a copy after finishing a workout at the Recreation Center. 

Alongside our return to print, The News-Letter has other exciting projects in store to extend our platform. At the end of last year, we laid the foundation for The News-Letter Podcast and released our first episode, providing our readers with another way to get their hands on the latest news in and around Hopkins. This year, we look forward to further developing the podcast to run bi-weekly as well, on opposite weeks of our print newspaper. 

We have also continued our collaboration with Spotlight News. All students, staff and faculty have access to Spotlight’s paid subscription for free. Make sure to download the app and subscribe to The News-Letter to get breaking news notifications!

We would not have been able to do this without the support and guidance of so many individuals. Last year’s Chiefs, Laura Wadsten and Leela Gebo, facilitated a smooth transition for the staff from remote to hybrid operations and have been constant mentors to us. We also want to thank Paige Maultsby, our Managing Editor, who has enthusiastically helped us prepare for the print process while going above and beyond constantly. Allison Avolio, our University advisor, also embraced our plan and offered advice to adapt print to a different campus.

And of course, we want to extend our deepest gratitude toward our staff, who have worked tirelessly to take on the additional responsibilities of print while continuing our daily production. Without their excitement and passion for journalism, this would not have been possible, and we are so proud of the work they have put forth!

We at The News-Letter are thrilled to be a part of history as we bring print back, and we hope the paper finds you around campus!

Michelle Limpe is a senior from the Philippines studying Chemistry and Public Health. She is an Editor-in-Chief for The News-Letter. 

Molly Gahagen is a junior from Key Largo, Fla. majoring in International Studies and Political Science. She is an Editor-in-Chief for The News-Letter.

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