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A collection of cocktails

By Staff | December 1, 2021



Tired of drinking straight from the can? Try out these upperclassmen's favorite mixed drinks.

Underage drinking is illegal, and The News-Letter does not condone it. Now that that’s cleared up, here’s a collection of some of the favorite cocktails of upperclassmen. If you haven’t yet defined your signature drink, order one of these at your next night out. You won’t be disappointed (probably).

Adelle Thompson, senior

Dark and Stormy (or any variation of a mule)

Because ginger beer is my favorite cold drink, and it makes even gold tequila taste good.

I fell in love with mules when my mom made me one for my 18th birthday. (It’s legal to drink inside your home with the permission of your parents in my home state). I had always loved ginger beer, so she knew I would love mules. The rest is history.

Something else that you should know is that I don’t want to hear no more lip from insecure men about fancy cocktails. Who said not drinking beer or straight alcohol is the inferior option? Miss me with that BS. Cause I know someone who drinks Natty Boh ain’t saying sumn.

Jordan Adams-Campbell, senior


Because it's fruity, and alcohol by itself is literally gross, and if anyone says otherwise they are lying.

After my 21st birthday I went to On The Border and ordered a frozen strawberry margarita and like cried it was so good. 

Leela Gebo, junior (Editor-in-Chief)

Shirley Temple (mocktail!)

I have a major sweet tooth, and this drink is the sweetest of them all!

I've been drinking them every time I go to a fancy restaurant with my family for as long as I can remember, and I plan to do so even once I am of legal drinking age!

For those of you who are above 21, it is probably easy to spike these delicious drinks! However, as a self-proclaimed Shirley Temple purist, I plan on sticking to simply grenadine and Sprite even once I turn 21 :)

Dionna Gant, senior


It's a classic, and I love slushy drinks. It's also very citrusy, and I love lime!

I first tried this drink when my mom gave me a sip of hers when I was a teenager (lol).

Will Blair, junior (SciTech Editor)

Long Island Iced Tea

One of my favorite drinks is iced tea, so this makes for a great option

I was introduced this past summer by my friend who’s conveniently from Long Island!

Brody Silva, senior


I love it because of the fruity but not too sweet flavor and the complexity of the bitterness.

During quarantine, my mom’s partner made them for dinner.

Michelle Limpe, junior (Managing Editor)

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz has always been one of my go-to cocktails because of its sweet flavor and aesthetic appearance! I have very fond memories drinking this cocktail with family and friends.

I started drinking the cocktail with my friends when we were in Florence!

Eunice Park, junior (Leisure Editor)

Red wine, cabernet only

Blends well with food and is arguably better for one’s health! A classy drink of choice.

I fell in love with this after I turned 21!

Melanie Alfonzo, senior


I love it because it fits any occasion at any time of day and makes me feel fancy.

This became my staple drink because of brunches :) 

Laura Wadsten, senior (Editor-in-Chief) 

Bloody Mary 

This is an incredibly unpopular opinion, especially among people under 40, but a Bloody Mary is the ideal drink. Tomato soup is one of the most comforting foods, and this is just the "grown-up" version. This savory cocktail is also incredibly versatile — you can go all out and make it a meal with skewers of shrimp, sausage, bacon and vegetables or go simple with a stick of celery.

As a kid, I remember my neighbor and beloved adopted grandparent Jim always asking my mother if she wanted a Bloody Mary — it became an inside joke because she always refused. Tragically, Jim passed away several years ago; I never got the chance to be asked if I wanted a Bloody Mary. Last year, inspired by Jim, I decided to try one. Whenever I drink a Bloody Mary I think about him.

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